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With Museveni’s proxies in disarray in RDC, his propaganda machine becomes more erratic

By Alain Mucyo

Captured RNC militias appear before court in Kigali.

One of the numerous Ugandan intelligence-run blog sites, kampalapost has published an article with the inflammatory headline “Eastern DRC: Rwandan Army Implicated in Killings, Plunder”.

The article, which upon cursory analysis is revealed to be full of the usual Kampala-propaganda concoctions, pushes the claim that Rwandan forces are in DR Congo. This raises a few questions, the first being: what business is it of this propaganda outlet’s masters where Rwandan forces are (as long as they aren’t in Uganda)? Why don’t they leave it to the Congolese to complain about the supposed presence of Rwandan forces there? Who has appointed CMI to be Congo’s spokesperson?

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The Museveni regime has always had fantasies of telling others what to do. It has failed, time and again. Articles such as the one by kampalapost is pure sour grapes, full of lies that upon inspection are mirror accusations of what in fact Uganda itself is doing: killing and plundering Congolese.

Regional observers haven’t forgotten how it is Uganda, and no one else, that the International Court of Justice found guilty of killing and plundering DR Congo and her population. In addition to indisputable evidence that Museveni, Saleh and their minions have been committing crimes in the vast country, there also is overwhelming evidence linking the Ugandan leadership to terrorist groups operating there.

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Their main aim is to destabilize Rwanda. Everyone knows who they are: Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC; FDLR, FDLR-RUD, and every other outfit under the so-called “P5” grouping. Captured fighters, or senior officials of these groups in the custody of Kigali have spilled a treasure trove of information, a lot of it pinning Museveni and his government.

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The increasingly desperate lies of the Kampala propaganda media, observers note, is a reflection of the increasingly desperate situation of his proxies in DRC who have suffered heavy losses in recent fighting, with many dying and hundreds reportedly throwing up their arms and surrendering.

Museveni’s proxies are in total disarray. They have been thoroughly clobbered and it has absolutely played havoc with the plans of Museveni and his puppets like Nyamwasa. Reports are that with the growing numbers of casualties and war prisoners, DRC authorities have also been retrieving from them damning evidence on the operational support they get from Kampala.

Among those killed over the past few weeks is Lt. Gen. Sylvestre Mudacumura, the overall commander of FDLR; Brig. Gen. Juvenal Musabyimana aka Jean Michel Africa, the commander of RUD Urunana, among others. Panicked, CMI propaganda now is hitting out against Rwanda with proof-less claims that the Rwandan army is working with ADF, a Ugandan rebel group.

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Kampalapost shamelessly resurrects the well-debunked fictions that “Rwandan IDs” were found after an attack on ADF camp. These same “IDs”, which have been exposed as forgeries are the same ones that were used by FLN, another Kampala-backed terrorist group, to smear Rwanda. On the other hand evidence pinning Kampala on using Rwandan terrorist organisation as proxies with bases has been overwhelming.

Last year in December for instance two FDLR senior officials, the notorious LaForge Fils Bazeye and Theophile Abega were arrested at the Uganda-Congo border of Bunagana on their way back from Kampala. They had just attended a meeting called by Ugandan state minister for regional affairs, Philemon Mateke, “to better coordinate FDLR and RNC activities and cooperation.

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The meeting, held at the Kampala Serena, also was attended by emissaries from RNC, led by Kayumba Nyamwasa’s brother in law Frank Ntwali, as confirmed by Bazeye and Abega during interrogations.

Other than the information the two have given, there are just so many documents, photographic and audio proof of the Museveni regime’s endless efforts to destabilize Rwanda. Now they are failing even harder. DRC no longer is for proxy bandits.

So Kampalapost, Chimpreports, Softpower, Spyreports and others resort to ever more debunked, unproven and discredited claims.

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