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With a biting need for cash, Rudasingwa once again slings mud at the Rwandan leadership

By Jackson Mutabazi

Theogene Rudasingwa Redcom.

Whenever “Redcom” pokes his head out of his burrow, it is to regurgitate long debunked negative propaganda specifically targeting the Rwandan president.

“Redcom” is none other than Theogene Rudasingwa, who self-awarded the unusual moniker back in the early eighties. That was when as a student at Kampala’s Makerere University he devised an ingenious scam to fleece fellow Banyarwanda students of money.

He would call one of them, identifying himself as “Redcom” and telling the frightened recipient of his call that Ugandan intelligence was after him, but that if the former handed over a certain sum of money he (Redcom) would intercede on his behalf to the intelligence guys!

According to those that know Rudasingwa, the scam worked a few times until some of the Banyarwanda boys became suspicious and informed the University administration, which in turn notified the real intelligence people. Realizing he was in big trouble, Rudasingwa fled to Nairobi to claim asylum.

Mr. Redcom has always been a scammer, and he’s growing old a scammer. His game – after he left Rwanda to self-exile when he woefully failed in the duties the Rwandan administration entrusted him, thinking he had grown up and matured – is to hire his services to dredge up mud against the Rwandan leadership.

One day he will be smearing President Kagame, and it will be obvious Rudasingwa is doing it for Museveni. He will be praising the Ugandan ruler to the high heavens as “the true liberator of Rwanda” – as usual nowhere mentioning the role of exiled Rwandans in bringing Museveni to power, or as it has emerged, the fact Museveni never was a true supporter of the RPF.

Another time Redcom will be writing to please Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza, something that will be seen in deranged claims such as that Rwanda is “behind Nkurunziza’s troubles”!

At yet another time Rudasingwa will be jumping on the RNC bandwagon, inciting violence in Rwanda and heaping scorn on whoever in the West works with President Kagame. On that occasion you will know he is making a play for the dollars of Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa – chief financier of the RNC terror group.

On other occasions Redcom will be trying to get money from groups or individuals devoted to denying the 94 Genocide of the Tutsi. “He has become like a prostitute with a pen,” laughed a Kigali gentleman that has known Rudasingwa from those earlier years at Makerere. “He will debase himself for anyone for a pocketful of cash.”

Currently Theogene Rudasingwa has a piece of writing on Facebook, curiously on a page named “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere”, run by fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa – the very person he was pretending to abuse a few weeks. God knows what these men of dubious character are playing at now.

The lengthy Facebook post carries the usual slanders, insults and name calling that Rudasingwa and similar individuals regularly hurl at President Kagame. Then there are a few wild concoctions alleging how Kagame supposedly “is poised “to eliminate” opponents in the United States, Canada, and all over the globe.”

“When one reads wild rantings like these about the supposed ‘millions upon millions’ that the Rwandan leader ‘has killed’, one really has to doubt the sanity of these fellows!” said a retired gentleman in Kigali. “What I find truly incredible is that these crazed liars have audiences; people ready to pay them but mostly it is those with an anti-Kagame agenda!”

An analyst that knows the current situation of Rudasingwa observed: “Now that he is writing these things again, you can be certain he is hard up for money!

“He is desperate! The West is not an easy place to live with of one has no particular skill. You can be very sure Redcom is facing difficulties to pay the rent, tuition for the kids, utility bills – internet, water and gas – and he wants to hit up Rujugiro for money!”

The analyst added that Rudasingwa could also be preparing to beg money from Museveni’s intelligence services, or from the Judi Revers, Ann Garrisons and others in notorious genocide-denying circles.

“Once a Redcom, always a Redcom,” laughed our source who has known him since those earlier years at university.


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