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Who is Sarah Kagingo, CMI’s chief rumormonger?

By Jackson Mutabazi

Sarah Kagingo’s scandalous past makes her uniquely suited for her role as a conduit of CMI propaganda and smears

To examine earlier aspects of the life of Sarah Kagingo – the owner of the SoftPower websites, one of the Ugandan regime’s most active purveyors of misinformation – is to realize how she has been suited, from an early age, to a life of rumormongering, and of concocting smears against others.

Kagingo, born in a Muslim family of Rwandan origin from Masaka, was at Makerere University 25 years ago – yet she hilariously claims to be in her thirties. One begins to suspect this woman is quite dense not to realize anyone who knows she was at university a quarter century ago would laugh to hear her claim she is in her thirties. That is Kagingo – always making up things that do not add up.

Her entry to Makerere from Trinity College Nabbingo, a prestigious girls’ secondary school, was against all odds as she was always being suspended “as a result of her immoral character, including indiscriminate sleeping with male teachers”. That is according to those in the know.

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While at Nabbingo it is said her classmates thoroughly despised her because of always getting higher unearned grades from certain male teachers that they knew to be sleeping with her. But the other girls also despised her as a frequent malicious gossip, “ow’olugaambo”. It is evident she has carried this character trait into her adulthood; and to the SoftPower website which she runs with the same methods of concocted rumors or gossip.

While at Makerere Sarah Kagingo kept up her Nabbingo scandal-plagued lifestyle. She was one of those fast and loose girls that are always after a quick shilling. With a group of notorious, similar-minded “detoothers”, she led a life of night-partying, rides in expensive cars, and loads of gifts delivered to her doorstep by her multitude of lovers.

Kagingo and her cohort were never interested in classmates or anyone in their age group. These were senior “crocodiles”.

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Her life-style was financed by big government honchos and military brass. According to members of her class intake, Kagingo really knew how to use her “natural ass-ets”, such as her light-skinned complexion and a “full western figure”. She played in the highest circles of all.

It is said a regular “night companion” was none other than Gen. Salim Saleh. It is from her days at Makerere that she sank her “talons” into the general.

Sarah Kagingo also spent her Makerere years doing favors for other senior UPDF brass by procuring them young, fresh and university females eager like her to earn easy cash and other favors only such clients could provide. Our impeccable sources tell us Salim Saleh was her official boyfriend, while she fixed up other big generals with the chicks they wanted.

It is said that around her third year at university, Kagingo started thinking of marriage. She had fixed her mind on the late Andrew Felix Kaweesi a fellow Munyarwanda from Masaka who was with her at Makerere. Though she chided Kaweesi for being poor while they still were at university she really wanted him for marriage according to sources that knew them both well.

It is also said in later years she always demanded sex from him after Kaweesi had risen to become a star commander in Uganda Police, as well as its spokesman.

Not surprising for anyone that knew her amoral lifestyle, which was coupled with a lot of laziness, Sarah Kagingo left Makerere in 1998 without graduating.

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She continued her relationship with Saleh who later, it was strongly suspected, helped her to forcefully eliminate her wealthy husband. Given this history involving Saleh and her late husband, one also begins to wonder about Kaweesi’s execution-style murder.

Kagingo continued working with the obscenely rich Saleh at his defunct Divinity Union Company. However, her insatiable appetite was such that at Divinity Union Company she got herself a “side boyfriend” who later joined police, and like the late Kaweesi now is a senior commissioner of police.

During that time the promiscuous Kagingo had also been sleeping with a Congolese national of the Hema ethnic group. After a bad breakup with this man, she returned to Gen Saleh. It is said Kagingo had her mind fixed on standing for EALA elections in parliament and that she “stood a huge chance.” But she made another mistake, again caused by her promiscuity.

Even as she was supposed to be Saleh’s kept woman, she was concurrently sleeping with one of his aides-de-camp (ADC). That was no doubt as a quid-pro-quo, as the ADC started campaigning for her among MPs, claiming Gen Saleh had instructed him to do so. When Saleh learnt the two were sleeping together however, he put a stop to her EALA ambitions. The woman’s dreams of becoming a legislator ended there and then.

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But Kagingo really knows how to use “her ass-ets”.

Soon she had maneuvered her way into Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI), this time claiming to be an expert in communications and she joined its social media team. But, mercantilist that she’s always been, she was also diverting operational allowances given her by CMI (on Saleh’s instructions) to rent a house in Muyenga. During that period, she was regularly posting on social media about government programs.

This caught Museveni’s attention and he immediately hired her.

But Kagingo failed to get an appointment letter. That was because whenever the State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe asked her for her papers since she claimed to be a journalist, Kagingo was unable to provide any. She instead was always referring Nakyobe to Gen Saleh, saying that “he knew and understood her better!”

Unfortunately for Kagingo, Nakyobe wasn’t the kind to be intimidated.

So Kagingo started a serious “lugaambo” campaign of badmouthing Nakyobe before State House staff. She claimed, “Nakyobe was fighting her” because she, Kagingo, was “a second wife of Gen Saleh!” She also engaged in running wars with all other State House officials, including Tamale Mirundi and Col Edith Nakalema – the latter with whom the fight degenerated into a physical altercation.

Gen Saleh again rescued Kagingo by deploying her as the publicist for “Operation Wealth Creation” when Saleh became its chief coordinator. Again, the entitled Kagingo fought with all staff there. She insisted she was “number two” after Gen Saleh. As such, she insisted, she “should be accorded the respect befitting a General!”

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Around that time Abel Kandiho, before he began rising in the ranks of CMI, was working in the organ, but informally as Salim Saleh errand boy in the latter’s illicit money-laundering schemes. As was her usual habit Kagingo also started sleeping with Kandiho. It was the start of another long-standing promiscuous relationship. It is said there was yet another general Kagingo was sleeping with.

She mastered the art of intrigue through the different powerful men she was sleeping with.

As the infighting became too much at Operation Wealth Creation; and after Kagingo failed to manipulate Gen Angina the way she had done others, a decision was taken to sack her from OWC.

But this time round, luckily for her, Abel Kandiho had become CMI head. He took her on and decided to finance her website, SoftPower news. She would use it to become president of the Public Relations Association of Uganda. True to her habit, she also continues to sleep with both Kandiho, and his deputy, Brig. CK Asiimwe.

With SoftPower, a now faded Kagingo has finally come into her own, the operator of a CMI-funded outlet most suitable for her character as a fabricator and purveyor of smears and concocted fictions.

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