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Whether it is Mugenzi, Rusesabagina, “RedCom” Rudasingwa and others; Rwandans know them Better!

By Jean Gatera

L-R: Rene Mugenzi, Terror suspect Paul Rusesabagina and fugitive Theogene Rudasingwa have for years been conning the West, regardless the warnings of Rwandans about them.

When a Norwich (UK) courtroom convicted Rene Mugenzi of stealing 220,000 pounds from a church, most Rwandans were not surprised.

In Rwanda, it is no secret that most anti-Rwanda activists abroad have committed some crime, or crimes back home. The biggest is genocide.

But others can be just fraudsters, thieves and conmen who flee from justice to seek asylum under the pretense of “seeking political asylum.”

Rene Mugenzi, Theogene Rudasingwa, Paul Rusesabagina and many more others that have conned host countries that they are “democracy” or “human rights” activists have histories of theft and fraud. Mugenzi, for example, is more of a genocide ideologue that blends faux human rights credentials with a penchant for theft. Rwandans know these characters best.

However, many in the West or elsewhere, say Australia, prefer to turn a deaf ear when Rwandans tell them of the true characters of these fellows. So they are allowed, in Europe, North America, Australia to reinvent themselves as “human rights campaigners,” or “opposition and democracy activists,” even “humanitarians.”

Rwandans will tell a country like the UK: these people like Mugenzi are lying to you. In fact one time Mugenzi even got himself UK security protection with the story that “Rwanda had sent assassins after him.” Rwandan authorities told the UK this simply wasn’t true.

But UK media, even big media like the Guardian of London preferred to believe Mugenzi, and published his tall tale of “assassins sent from Kigali.”

Genocide suspects like Vincent Bajinya have been telling the same stories of “threats from Kigali”. The authorities in the UK preferred to believe what the likes of the Bajinyas said, despite all evidence presented to show these people were suspects in crimes against humanity.

In Mugenzi’s case, he at last has been caught red-handed, committing crimes against citizens of the UK by stealing their money – and they have taken that seriously! They have slapped a two-year jail term on him for stealing church money. 

Any Rwandan will be justified to smile and say: “we told you so. We know these people far better than you!

According to sources Mugenzi at one time was being hunted by some Kurdish people in London whom he had fleeced £50,000 (Rwf 63m) from.

“That was when he fled London, and came up with the lie that he was being hunted by the Rwandan government,” said a member of the Rwandan community in UK.

One Leonard Rukundo who has known Mugenzi for over 20 years said, “It was the only way he could get protection. He has taken a lot of money from people, including many Rwandans. He got to the extent of threatening to report whomever demanded their money to the (UK) Home Office.”

These pseudo-activist do not just swindle money from unsuspecting innocents, however. They also mercilessly target each other.

For example, Theogene Rudasingwa, whose old nickname is Redcom which he acquired ages ago for a notorious scam while a young student at Uganda’s Makerere University, swindled some 357,300 euros from Paulin Murayi, the son-in-law of Genocide financier Felicien Kabuga.

Rudasingwa conned Murayi into handing the money to him in the guise of contributing to the Rwanda National Congress terrorist organization. But as soon as Rudasingwa received the cash, he quit the terrorist organization. Murayi’s money disappeared with him. Murayi filed a lawsuit against Rudasingwa in Belgium.

RNC top honcho Kayumba Nyamwasa himself has siphoned contributions to the terrorist agenda, something that led to acrimonious accusations of embezzlements from the likes of Ben Rutabana (formerly RNC “commissioner for capacity building”). The accusations were so acrimonious that apparently Nyamwasa plotted with Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) to abduct Rutabana.

South Africa, meanwhile, seems to have been taken in by the tall tale that Nyamwasa is a “democracy activist”, despite everything Rwanda has said about the man’s criminal acts that have led to the deaths of many Rwandans and so many others injured.

But a special mention is due to Paul Rusesabagina of MRCD-FLN. Just like Rene Mugenzi, Rwandan warnings about Rusesabagina were completely ignored. Rusesabagina began his long con in the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi where he was charging and extorting money from frightened refugees as the manager of the Milles Collines Hotel.

Later, with the help of Hollywood, his “new identity” as a “hero” and “humanitarian” was created. A very fraudulent one.

Rwandans told the world this wasn’t true and that the man was a poseur.

Now the world is finding out the man never was a hero. He was an extortionist at best. And he has evolved into a terrorist mastermind.

Rwanda knows these individuals better than anyone else.

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