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When Boonabana and Nuwamanya robbed a Kampala businessman and then tried to use CMI terrorism to silence him

By Alex Muhumuza

RNC agent Prossy Boonabana is in court following a lawsuit by a Kampala businessman that she and her accomplice Sulah Nuwamanya terrorized using their CMI connections.

It is becoming increasingly likely that Prossy Boonabana and Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi – two of the Kampala-based agents of RNC, Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terrorist outfit – will not face accountability following a series of criminal acts they’ve perpetrated against Henry Mugisha, a businessman of Lumumba Avenue in Kampala.

Media reports that have shocked the Ugandan capital indicate that Boonabana and Nuwamanya (whose role in “RNC Uganda Province” is to mobilize support and to set up RNC cells in different parts of the country) stole from Mugisha, first US$ 35,000 last year (which he had loaned her but she refused to pay), then US$ 2,500 in March this year.

“But the two RNC agents most probably will not be made answerable for their crimes because not only are they protected by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, they also are protected by President Museveni himself,” a reliable security sources in Kampala told us.

Boonabana and Nuwamanya are among the most well known RNC agents in Uganda working under the control of Brig. CK Asiimwe, CMI’s Deputy Director in Charge of Counterterrorism, who also overseas their funding and facilitation.

It has long been revealed, with much evidence presented by Rwanda (including in forums like the quadripartite meetings on implementation of the Luanda MoU), that agents of Nyamwasa’s RNC – which is Kampala’s main partner in plots to destabilize Rwanda – operate freely in Uganda. Now, following a lawsuit launched by businessman Mugisha, it has also come to light that RNC agents use their CMI or Uganda State House Connections to perpetrate crimes against everyday Ugandans with the goal to enrich themselves.

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According to Mugisha’s lawsuit, which our sources have seen, Boonabana and Nuwamanya used blackmail, intimidation, harassment, and even torture against the businessman in the process of robbing him. Mugisha’s troubles began when in March this year he (Mugisha) stepped up demands that Boonabana pay him back his US$ 35,000 that he had loaned her the year before.

Apparently Boonabana and Nuwamanya had somehow conned Mugisha – at his business premises on Lumumba Avenue – that they were “businesspeople dealing in fabrications materials.” (Reading this our source who knows Boonabana and Sulah quite well laughed aloud, exclaiming: “these people have never done any business in their life; the only business they know is activities to try to destabilize Rwanda!”)

Information we have is that after the two had gained the trust of Mugisha – who had zero awareness of their terrorism ties or CMI connections – he began to lend them money. But he was very dismayed when the agreed payment date came only for Boonabana to decline to give back the money. “They probably didn’t have it because they enjoy having a good time too much,” our reliably informed source said, adding: “when the businessman became more demanding, that is when the two began their dirty tactics against the innocent man – just to eat his money!”

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The first thing Boonabana and Nuwamanya did was to set CMI operatives upon Mugisha with claims such as: “this is a Rwandese spy involving himself in acts of espionage against Uganda. He is spying for the Rwandan Government!” That happened in on 27 March this year. According to our sources that have seen Mugisha’s lawsuit – filed on 10 this month – the man was “taken aback by the lie that he is a Rwandan, and the concocted charges of espionage, all calculated to even get him killed.”

People have been reading of the hundreds of Rwandans that have suffered arbitrary arrests in Uganda at the hands of CMI and other Ugandan security agencies on the same concocted charges of espionage – or illegal weapons possession, kidnap, and other things against which they never give the victims a chance to defend themselves. Invariably, such accusations will be followed by illegal detention incommunicado, and torture that can lead to permanent trauma, physical disability, or even death.

Boonabana and Nuwamanya had other dangerous things to accuse Mugisha of. They told CMI that the businessman had “a gun and listening gadgets” on his premises.

Observers say the only reason they could make such accusations was because they wanted Mugisha out of the way and not have to pay him his money, or be forced to pay it. “This is to be expected of the evil people that work for RNC or CMI; getting someone killed so as to rob them is very easy,” Emmanuel Rwamucyo, a former victim of CMI who almost died in its dungeons, said earlier this year

Boonabana and Nuwamanya’s tactic – hurling concocted charges at someone whom they intended to rob – became very common with Ugandan intelligence operatives seeking to get rich quick. This happened after the Ugandan regime embarked on it’s policy of anti-Rwanda hostility, the record shows. With CMI chief Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho in charge of persecuting Rwandan nationals on Ugandan territory – except those that proclaimed enmity against the Rwandan administration, or those that pledged allegiance to RNC – “a big loophole opened up for Uganda’s crooked security operatives,” remarks a security analyst.

One of these operatives could plan an abduction of anyone – whether a Rwandan or a Ugandan with Rwandan roots whom they knew had money or property – throw him into a dungeon with an accusation of “espionage” and proceed to steal his money; or even house, plot of land, vehicle and anything else. Observers say it was obvious Boonabana and Nuwamanya wanted to get Mugisha killed because of his money.

First CMI arrested him, and conducted a thorough search of his office.

However shortly before that happened Boonabana and Nuwamanya had used Godfrey Chebet, a policeman provided by CMI to guard them, to break into Mugisha’s office. Boonabana’s goal was to steal the receipt books that contained evidence – including her signatures on documents – she had borrowed money from the businessman. That, according to media reports such as NBS news, is when Boonabana also stole US$ 2500 that she and Chebet discovered in the office.

“But then, it seems the businessman was much luckier than most; or maybe he wasn’t as helpless as all the other people – most especially Rwandans – that get victimized by CMI or RNC in Uganda,” our source said.

Whatever the case, the businessman managed to get out of the CMI’s “SID” Kireka Police dungeon after nine days, and dragged Boonabana to court.

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But those in the know are certain that whatever happens in court, Boonabana and Nuwamanya are protected. “Police will not jail these people because they are protected by Museveni himself!” exclaimed a security source in Kampala. “Even state propaganda organs like New Vision is trying to downplay their crime, calling them businesspeople when it knows very well they are terrorists.”

A Kigali-based observer of Ugandan media pointed out: “these are people that have been to Entebbe State House just this year to meet with Museveni, and to make a lot of anti-Rwanda smears in the presence of Museveni, so what can happen to them! Their words were widely quoted in CMI’s own outlet, Chimpreports. Uganda media will just keep downplaying the crime while whitewashing Boonabana and Nuwamanya,” he concluded.

On the businessman’s part, he is just very thankful that he is alive.

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