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What beans Sankara may spill have Nyamwasa quaking, analysts

By Alex Muhumuza

The arrest of Sankara (left) the “Facebook revolutionary” surely has Nyamwasa quaking where he is holed up in South Africa.

Nsabimana Callixte, the self-styled “Sankara”, leader of the FLN, one of the anti-Rwanda armed groups has been arrested and is in custody of the law in Rwanda.

Sankara’s FLN – “National Liberation Front” – is the so-called armed wing of Paul Rusesabangina’s MRCD, French acronym for Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change. Nsabimana was always “declaring war”. He claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack around Nyungwe Forest last December.

His rebel group is part of the so-called P5 alliance of whom the senior partner is Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) announced Nsabimana Callixte’s arrest and confirmed that he was in custody.

Earlier during the month, word of Nsabimana’s arrest circulated on social media. They were circulated mainly by RNC accounts such as “RPF Gakwerere” on Facebook.

Subversive and hate “radio” on YouTube which spend all their time spouting RNC, FDLR, and other anti-Rwanda propaganda too talked of the arrest. During the week, the very same propagandists began changing their tune, proclaiming that Sankara had been “rescued from Kagame’s security”.

The misinformation was topped up by “an exclusive interview” with Sankara’s boss, Paul Rusesabagina, better known as Hollywood’s false hero, “thanking all the supporters for their crucial role” in “alerting about, and averting Sankara’s deportation.”

In jubilation, the propagandists were disseminating fictitious accounts of the supposed failure by Rwanda to capture their “Sankara.” They were lying through their teeth.

Rwanda had gotten the man the moment the fellow stepped into the Comoros Island. The Government of Comoros, honoring an international arrest warrant that Rwanda had put out for the terrorist, arrested him. It handed him to the Rwandan authorities.

The self-proclaimed leader of FLN’s journey to terrorism began after failing first in school, then at any business he tried in Rwanda. After getting expelled from Butare University for being a rowdy, unruly student Nsabimana went to a relative’s house in Muhima. He first tried his hand at charcoal vending. Then his relative employed him to manage his bar in Kigali. It was obvious the fellow was more interested in drinking the beer and having a good time with the bar girls.

Things weren’t working out, but he somehow managed to get himself to South Africa, where he began conning his way as “an opposition leader”, with the aim to be granted asylum. Soon Nsabimana was engaged in active, anti-Rwanda terrorism, falling in with the likes of Nyamwasa and the others.

His path of lawlessness and terrorism was inexorable from then on, according to sources from South Africa. When he announced “war” on Facebook, Twitter and other social media it was to say that he was doing so from “Nyungwe Forest”, which “his forces” had “occupied”.

Rwandans took to Twitter yesterday upon announcement of the fellow’s arrest, deriding him as “the Facebook Revolutionary”.

Nsabimana’s group is part of an alliance coordinated from Bujumbura, according to a UN Group of Experts on DRC report published on 31 December last year. The report described in detail how P5 has been operating freely in Burundi and DRC, with recruitment of fighters going on in surrounding countries.

The UN Report also cites Uganda as a facilitator of recruitment for the P5.
Moreover, Uganda has been exposed, with documented proof as a major supporter, facilitator and recruiter for anti-Rwanda rebel groups, most notably RNC, but also for FDLR, the offshoot of FAR and Interahamwe militias.

The recent arrest of two senior FDLR officials, LaForge Fils Bazeye and Theophile Abega – spokesperson and chief of intelligence respectively – in DR Congo was a body blow to the Museveni machinations, as well as to Nyamwasa and company, according to analysts. They were arrested by Congolese authorities on their way back from Uganda to attend a meeting ordered by Museveni to better coordinate FDLR activities with RNC.

The arrest of Sankara is bound to be another very hard blow for the unholy alliance arrayed against Rwanda.

“This fellow Sankara is what in security parlance is known as a very high value suspect,” said a security analyst on conditions of anonymity. “Like Bazeye and Abega before him, Sankara will also yield a lot of high value information on the inner working of P5, meaning RNC, FDLR and all the others, and he will expose more of Museveni’s machinations”, he added before concluding, “Nyamwasa will for sure be quaking where he is!”


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