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We must never tire exposing a revisionist agenda; one that’s also become a cash cow

By David Majoro

Ever since proven genocide revisionist Judi Rever published her revisionist book, In Praise of Blood, the woman has become unbearably insufferable.

Reading her self-aggrandizing, self-adoring, self-everything tweets, Facebook posts or essays, anyone that does not know better would think this is some brave selfless crusader for justice, “fighting to expose a monster” called Kagame.

Rever obviously will be able to deceive a few misinformed folks, most especially in the West, by pressing all their buttons. She’s a journalist, and she’s a Canadian! She’s exposing “an African dictator!” “She’s borne witness to horrific violence and suffering in Africa”, and “she’s seen those that did it!” She says, “this monster Kagame has committed Genocide!”

Someone said there is a sucker born every minute. That means even those with easily disproved or debunked hogwash will find buyers for it. Judi Rever went and found herself a publisher for her revisionist hogwash, in her native Canada.

Now she is on the speaking circuit selling that piece of revisionist bs everywhere.

Yes, I sound angry and you will forgive me. It is because the woman has been working non stop, murdering the truth, to claim that the people that stopped the Genocide against the Tutsi in 94; the very people whose ethnicity was the victim of that very genocide were: a) in fact responsible for starting that genocide!

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And that: b) having started that genocide, they then went ahead to commit a genocide against the Hutu as well! Rever really has some chutzpah!

But, well, it’s a free world. Anyone can say whatever they want, and present their alternative views of the facts regardless how monstrous the lies may be. Even a holocaust as documented, written about, and researched as Nazi Germany’s against the Jews has its deniers after all.

I guess we Rwandans will have to emulate those in other counties whose people have fallen victim to mass murder, but who must contend with their own revisionists. They have no alternative but to keep debunking the monstrous, hurtful lies.

It is why I immediately felt compelled to take up pen and paper the moment I came upon this essay by Judi Rever, entitled “why we must listen to those that have fled Kagame’s Rwanda”, published in April of the preceding year on some forum called opencanada.org.

As usual you wait to read a single word of condemnation of the Habyarimana regime by Rever; the regime that any sane, normal person who knows something about Rwanda is aware planned the Genocide. You will not find her say anything about that.

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You wait for the woman to condemn the regime of Sindikubwabo and Kambanda that, upon the death of Habyarimana, immediately installed the government that swiftly proceeded to implement the genocide their predecessor had planned and prepared.

You will never hear Judi Rever say a single thing about Kambanda and Sindikubwabo. Not a single thing.

This person isn’t interested in facts. She is interested in only one thing: criminalizing Paul Kagame, and the RPF. That is her métier.

Any alternative view threatens her narrative and she will not countenance it. In other words she is a proven revisionist and genocide denier.

None other than a couple of independent, French investigative magistrates – Marc Trevidic and Nathalie Poux – have declared, after painstaking on-the-ground investigations, assisted by modern forensic methods – that the RPF had nothing to do with the death of Habyarimana.

This destroys the myth of Judi Rever (and the myth of every other denier and revisionist) that “it was Kagame that shot Habyarimana deliberately to trigger the genocide.” This invented reality is the central plank of all the genocide’s deniers.

So no matter how many times it is debunked, they will stick to it, like a dog with a bone.

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The Revers of this world will deny all the video evidence, the public speeches of Habyarimana, Kambanda, Sindikubwabo, Mugesera, RTLM and all the other Hutu extremist elements, to insist it is Kagame that committed genocide.

This either is a sign of mental illness, or genocide denial is an apple cart, a source of bread for its practitioners that they will cling to harder than a drowning man clings to a log. To see how the Revers cash in with their books and speeches while brazenly pretending some higher, nobler cause shows why.

Genocide denialism also is a cash cow exploited not only by the merely cynical but by those with political agendas to push – the Revers, Ann Garrisons, Filip Reyntjens and other individuals like that united by a hatred of the RPF and the changes it has brought to Rwanda. They get funds, and they gain relevance in within their tiny circles.

They have an agenda to push but they also are profiteers.

For others genocide denialism simply is a weapon in their political agenda against the Rwandan administration. These include former officials of the very regimes that participated in the genocide! They even harbor hopes of coming back to power in Rwanda one day.

These have the assistance and sympathy of some embittered Europeans or Westerners, with personal reasons to hate the Rwandan leadership.

They are a collective evil dancing on the graves of the victims of the genocide they deny.

Good people should never tire in exposing them.

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