Home Politics Victoire Ingabire’s daughter jets into Rwanda, contradicts her mother’s positions

Victoire Ingabire’s daughter jets into Rwanda, contradicts her mother’s positions

By Fred Gashema

Raissa Ujeneza (left) seems to have seen the real Rwanda, unlike her mother Victoire Ingabire

The daughter of Victoire Ingabire, a woman most known for activities intended to destabilize the security of Rwanda has surprised many by openly saying, “Rwanda is a safe country which has made stellar progress in many sectors of national life.”

Raissa Ujeneza the first-born daughter who has visited Rwanda recently, arriving in Kigali from the Netherlands earlier this month, has praised Rwanda despite constant claims by people like her mother and others in anti-Rwanda negativist circles that “Rwanda is an unsafe country”, or that “its development is exaggerated for political purposes”, and so on.

“People from abroad should not be afraid to visit Rwanda! The country is safe,” Ujeneza told Real Talk, a local YouTube Channel on the 18 this month. Commentators were surprised as Ujeneza “went on to refute the kind of negative propaganda that Ingabire and ideological fellow mates incessantly spreads about Rwanda,” one of the viewers said. “Ujeneza has totally exposed her mother’s falsehoods, speaking the truth she herself saw after her tour of the country.”

The 28-year old Ujeneza, a mother of two boys has been living in the Netherlands for the last 26 years. When she jetted into Kigali together with her children she was received by Ingabire. “Some negative propagandists were already spreading rumors that she would face danger in Rwanda, not knowing Rwanda is a country that runs on the rule of law,” added another commentator.

For about two week in the country Ujeneza and her children visited various parts of the country and witnessed gains that Rwanda made after the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi. “Development can be seen everywhere; in Kigali, for instance there are some suburbs that look exactly as the ones from Europe. Also Rwanda has a lot to offer in terms of tourism,” Ujeneza said.

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Contrarily to her mother who always questions the safety of Rwanda with claims that people are abducted while some others especially partisans of her non-registered organization, DALFA Umurinzi, “are killed”, Ujeneza couldn’t hide her true feelings, that she even felt very safe visiting Rwanda. “I am happy to be in Rwanda, I have not encountered any problem as my boys and I were warmly welcomed. I have not faced any problem when we flew into the country. I was only checked like any other travelers,” she said, seemingly in wonder

Even though Ingabire keeps spreading propaganda that Rwanda “is unsafe”, however, even she herself must know things are the opposite of what she claims. “If Ingabire really thought it unsafe she would never invite her daughter and grandchildren!” a social media account commented.

But now her daughter is inviting members of the Rwandan community abroad, especially those that speak so many bad things against Rwanda, to consider visiting themselves and “see the reality on the ground.”

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In 2012 Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire was convicted after a court process and sentenced to 15 years for forming armed groups aimed at destabilizing Rwanda’s security, and of minimizing the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. In August 2018 she walked out of prison after her sentence was commuted by Presidential prerogative of mercy, following her numerous pleas, and letters for clemency.

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