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UK-based Mugenzi claims there is starvation in Rwanda, ‘but the starvation is in Mugenzi’s head’

By Joan Karera

UK-based genocide apologist, René Mugenzi.

A UK-based genocide apologist, René Mugenzi, has this month published a book claiming that a hidden famine crisis is shattering lives in Rwanda. This is Mugenzi’s latest effort in his life that is dedicated to negative propaganda against the current Rwandan administration.

Mugenzi, in complete disregard to facts, claims in the book, “Starvation in Shadow of Stardom”, that “3 million Rwandans are on the edge of starvation.”

But this is just another “propaganda hit job by Europe-based genocidaires – and their allies everywhere – whose goal in life is to find ways to discredit the Rwandan Government,” said an observer.

Mugenzi’s book alleges that “millions of Rwandans “are starving”, but, observers wonder, whom did he ask?

There is no credible source in Mugenzi’s book: no Rwanda Government source, of course! But also, the man cites no non-government source, such as Food and Agricultural Organization, or WFP, or other international organizations with offices in Rwanda to support his assertions. “The fact is, the starvation is all in Mugenzi’s head!” a Rwandan official commented.

Facts show how unreliable Mugenzi’s book is. In 2015, the government of Rwanda, through Rwanda Agricultural Board, increased irrigated farmland by 15,000 hectares in Eastern Province, adding to 45,000 hectares that already was under irrigation – about 30,000 of which was in Eastern Province to deal with drought that was affecting the region. Mugenzi’s claims of starvation single out Eastern and Southern provinces allegedly as “the most affected with starvation”.

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According to the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda figures, in 2016 the agricultural sector was the second biggest contributor to GDP. “In regard to all this, anyone that claims there is starvation in Rwanda only has an agenda, with zero interest in the truth,” said analyst of agricultural production in Rwanda.

This is not the first time Mugenzi – whose father, Joseph Mugenzi, is a Netherlands based genocide suspect who was tried and convicted by a Gacaca court in absentia – has published something that has turned out to be misinformation against Kigali. Surprising no one, Mugenzi has attacked the Rwandan President with the usual propaganda that ‘he brought down Habyarimana’s plane’, which has long been discredited by international investigators, including French jurists like Marc Trevidic and Nathalie Poux, observers have pointed out.

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“It’s not surprising to see Mugenzi publishing fictitious books based on non-existent “investigations”, a reader remarked.

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