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Uganda’s propaganda support for genocide deniers regarding US and UK letters

Letters by US and UK on UN resolution meant very little, but have excited a host of genocide revisionists

By Alex Muhumuza

A couple of “letters of explanation of position” (EOP) by the US and the UK concerning a UN draft resolution titled “International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda” have given Kampala-based propaganda outlets a perfect way to lend their voice to peddlers of the “double-genocide” theory.

What the letters – dated 20 April 2020 and each signed by their country’s representative to the United Nations – mean is not what the Kampala misinformation organs, notably Chimpreports, want readers to think.

Chimpreports – which operates under the control of Brig. CK Asiimwe, the deputy director of Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) who also is in charge of Kampala’s anti-Rwanda propaganda campaign – claims that “the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has adopted a resolution seeking the recognition of Hutus who were killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.”

This is a shameless falsehood, “par for the course for Chimpreports”, as anyone that knows this CMI organ will say. Rather what has happened is that all 193 UN member countries were unanimous in endorsing the resolution of the aforementioned title (International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda). That is according to a tweet from the official account of Rwanda’s representative to the UN, Ambassador Valentine Rugwabiza yesterday, Tuesday 26.

“We strongly support the remembrance of victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and believe it is important to ensure that these commemorations recognize all victims,” said the letter by the UK, quoted by Chimp. The letter goes on to say: “as noted in previous resolutions, we believe that Hutus and others who were killed should also be recognized.”

The letter of the US says pretty much the same thing: “many Hutu and other were also killed during the genocide, including those murdered for their opposition to the atrocities that were being committed.”

These letters may excite individuals and groups bent on Genocide revisionism – i.e. negating the Genocide against the Tutsi with claims that they weren’t the only group killed. But it is misplaced excitement by the deniers.

First, these letters come after the US and UK, like all UN member countries endorsed the resolution, as mentioned by Rwanda’s representative to the UN. In fact, according to diplomatic circles, Rwanda’s resolution was adopted unanimously, although Chimp Reports and it’s Uganda regime sponsors tried to create the impression that many Western countries opposed it and submitted position letters insisting against designating Tutsis the victims. “These views have no traction and there was no vote against Rwanda’s resolution, said a knowledgeable source that requested anonymity.

“How would they dissent and still vote for the resolution at the same time because that is the meaning of an anonymous vote and it is true the Americans and Brits voted in favor of the resolution,” our source added.

The reasons are clear from Rwanda’s history. When the government of Habyarimana planned, and prepared genocide, and when the subsequent regime of Kambanda and Sindikubwabo implemented it, the target group was one: the Tutsi. No one sat down to plan the extermination of Hutus or Twas in Rwanda. No one can claim there was any genocide of the two latter groups.

The United Nations resolution of 1946 defines genocide as, “a crime under international law”, and defined as any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group.” Such a crime clearly had been committed against the Tutsi of Rwanda in 1994. The UN recognized this crime and on 8 November 1994 the UN Security Council through its resolution (955) established the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to prosecute those responsible for the Genocide.

One of the facts unearthed beyond dispute by the ICTR was that: “Between 6 April and 17 July 1994 there were throughout Rwanda widespread or systematic attacks against a civilian population based on Tutsi ethnic identification. During the attacks some Rwandan citizens killed, or caused serious bodily or mental harm to persons perceived to be Tutsi. As a result of the attacks there were a large number of deaths of persons of Tutsi ethnic identity.”

According to the ICTR, “the fact that the genocide in Rwanda was against the Tutsi is beyond any dispute and does not require any proof.” Therefore, the position of the United Kingdom (in its EOP) to ‘disagree with the framing of the genocide purely as the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi’ is a rejection of ICTR jurisprudence, said Ambassador Rugwabiza in a communication in response to the US and UK on 24, this month.

In other words, what the UK and US have to learn also is what Chimpreports and its misled readers have to learn: there was no “double genocide in Rwanda!”

On the other hand Rwanda does not dispute the fact Hutu individuals perished during the genocidal massacres of innocent Tutsis. For instance, Rwanda devotes every 13th of April to the remembrance of politicians, amongst them many Hutu individuals that were killed because they took the principled stand to oppose the extermination of the Tutsi.

Also, in its letter, the US in particular appears to lend support, in paragraph 8, to the idea – weaponized by very many revisionists – that Rwandan laws meant to counter hate speech, or the dissemination of genocide ideology, are somehow “counter to free speech”. The paragraph says in part: “We reiterate that any efforts to counter incitement and hate speech should respect freedom of expression.”

This raises the question of who defines “free speech” as opposed to incitement and the like, in any given jurisdiction.

In the US, for instance, people can give Nazi salute. But the fellow that tries that in Germany will find himself in a jail before their arm is lowered. Yet, the US won’t be hectoring the government of Germany about “draconian laws” that restrict Nazi salutes, Nazi symbols like Swastikas, and the like.

Wonder why the double standard?

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