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Uganda’s leading flim-flam columnist aims another misguided jab at Kigali

By Alex Muhumuza

Asuman Bisiika.

Reading the incoherent ramblings of one Asuman Bisiika in last Saturday’s Daily Monitor, supposedly analyzing “why Uganda is at a disadvantage in negotiations with Rwanda” – if one can guess that as his intention – those that know Bisiika quite well weren’t surprised.

Bisiika is the ultimate example of the unserious person, and he keeps proving it with his flim-flam columns in the Monitor. No wonder his ramblings have found a home in this once respected newspaper that’s sold its soul to become one of Kampala’s tools of anti-Rwanda misinformation.

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Bisiika – a completely failed journalist that one time in the 90s tried his hand at the profession in Rwanda – nurtures a king-sized grudge against the country that stems from his failures there. He was sacked from one newspaper after another.

Then he was found to have broken Rwandan immigration laws; staying long after his Ugandan passport had expired yet never doing anything about it – even after the authorities repeatedly warned him to regularize his stay. Left with no choice, Rwanda’s immigration Department early one morning in 2001 picked the man from his place in Muhima.

They deported him, with papers clearly stating the reasons – repeated violations of his status as an immigrant. They put Bisiika in a nice vehicle, drove up to the Ugandan side of the border, and politely handed Uganda her citizen. With not a scratch on him, as if he was brand new.

In short this isn’t the individual one would expect to write anything objective about the Rwandan leadership.

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It is little wonder he begins his so-called analysis by quoting Theogene Rudasingwa, a fellow flim-flam artist, as some kind of sage that “advised” Museveni “to avoid being manipulated to the negotiating table” at the beginning of the strained relations between the two countries.

Only Bisiika can quote “RedCom” Rudasingwa’s words regarding any serious matter.

Rudasingwa, if one may clarify for those that might be fooled by Bisiika’s article, was one of the Rwandans that had the privilege to serve in the highest echelons of government. One time he even got appointed as the President’s chief of staff, only for him to abuse the trust put into him, with acts of corruption .

The appointing authorities in Kigali, ever willing to give all Rwandans a second chance, were ready to forget the time in the early eighties when Rudasingwa earned his “RedCom” moniker. That time, he was a second year student of medicine at Kampala’s Makerere University – which is when he conceived a plan to extort money from fellow Rwandan students, and a few members of the business community in the city.

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He would call one in an altered, but menacing voice on the telephone, telling him (Obote’s) intelligence was after him, but that in order to get protection this person better deposit a sum of money with one REDCOM CX-1200. Fellow students from that time recall the kind of alarm this mysterious RedCom induced. Quite a few paid up – usually in the dark of the night – to avoid running foul of that scary individual.

But soon some of the students smelt a rat, and tipped the university administration off, which in turn got in touch with some real intelligence agents. Rudasingwa got wind of this, and hightailed it to Nairobi where he sought asylum. His peers still laugh at his scam, and the RedCom nickname stuck.

Even as a member of the Rwandan administration years later, it was apparent Rudasingwa had never expunged the “RedCom” persona in him, and after he tried to pull off a scam, that’s when the appointing authorities canned him. For good.

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After that he found his way to self-imposed exile, from where he’s gotten mixed up with all kinds of anti-Rwanda groups – starting with Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC; on to working with genocide negationists and apologists in North America and Europe; and on to penning the occasional pro-Museveni, or pro-Nkurunziza boot-licking articles that also are unscrupulous diatribes against the Rwandan leadership.

This is the man that according to Bisiika, “at the beginning of the current recurring Uganda-Rwanda feud advised Museveni to avoid being manipulated to the negotiating table”.

Though it is difficult to detect any argument in Bisiika’s piece, one sees that its “premise” is its allegations of “unending Rwandan demands”, “to which therefore Museveni should not allow himself to give in.”

Bisiika and his fellow bird of a feather Rudasingwa are just jokers.

Who told these jokers that Rwanda asked to “negotiate” with anyone?, the informed will ask.

Rwanda has been asking two things:

One, that the Ugandan regime cease persecuting, harassing, ilegally detaining (incommunicado), torturing, and even killing Rwandan nationals; and, two, that the Ugandan regime stop cavorting with negative forces bent on destabilizing Rwanda’s security.

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These are things that Kigali has at every turn exposed – with proof that has included written documents, photographs, audio, video and everything else.

On the other hand Rwanda has done not one thing geared towards destabilizing Uganda.

If Bisiika were a serious person, he would be tasking the authorities in Uganda to explain the 2016 Kasese atrocity when members of the Ugandan military attacked the Bakonzo (Bisiika’s people) traditional ruler Wesley Mumbere’s palace, massacring up to 62 people.

Instead the man keeps silent about these issues that are far closer home; and that should be far more painful to him personally, but prefers to write propagandistic fictions about Rwanda.

We live in a strange world indeed.

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