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Uganda’s Intelligence Propaganda Chumps at ChimpReports are at it again

Author: Jackson Mutete

On August 1 Kampala-based “news” website Chimp Reports published yet another sensational article with a headline fit for the tabloids: EXCLUSIVE, “Great Lakes Region on brink of war amid ‘Museveni assassination plot’”.

Read the thing, and before you are through the first paragraph you realize it is a propaganda piece that, if not directly authored by Ugandan intelligence, you can be certain they dictated it, and for this General Abel Kandiho and Col. Kaka Bagenda must be really proud that their money is being put to “good” use.

Even in the age of fake news, the outlandish concoction of baseless claims leaves one no alternative other than to conclude something is fundamentally wrong in Uganda; that this is what the country’s intelligence organs are doing all they can to divert the public’s attention from, especially given this public is about as fed up as it can be with the state of insecurity, corruption, dilapidated health and education infrastructure, etc.

Now this cabal is drumming up the rhetoric of war in order to mobilise legitimacy from the same Ugandans who are fed up with them. The intensification of anti-Rwanda propaganda is a self-interested ploy to hold on power and to perpetuate a system that is openly robbing and pauperising Ugandans, enriching only a small circle at the expense of national development that should be reaching every Ugandan.

Ugandans’ attention is being deliberately deflected from exploring for alternative leadership by several CMI-ISO sponsored websites (Chimp Reports currently taking the place of ‘honour’ among them), Twitter and Facebook accounts are devoted to publishing smears, propaganda, lies and slander against President Kagame and his administration, and the heavily-remunerated Sarah Kagingo, who on social medial calls herself Gareth Ofungi, is now Uganda’s “Intelligence Special correspondent!”

Back to the trash that tries to implicate Rwanda in the failed coup in Burundi in 2015 following the change of constitution by President Pierre Nkurunziza that plunged the country into a crisis. Everyone knows that the crisis originated from the decision by Nkurunziza to abandon the Arusha Accord, negotiated and endorsed by Nelson Mandela and Julius Nyerere, that ended the civil war in that country and brought Nkurunziza to power in 2005.

The accords called for a two-term limit for the presidency. And so, even a child of one of the writers at Chimp Reports should know that Nkurunziza was supposed to leave office in 2015. However, when that time came, he announced he was staying on. This decision was, morever, wholly contrary to the public’s wishes, those of all sections of society from opposition parties to civil society, and even members of his own party, and they let the whole world know by flooding the streets to protest their leader’s crimes against the constitution and the nation.

Nkurunziza refused to listen to anyone. So, the public protested. Nkurunziza unleashed his police and Imbonerakure gang of militias against the people. Divided loyalties arose in the army with some of them siding with the demonstrators against Nkurunziza. This is how the coup came about. The coup was entirely the doing of Burundians.

Facts are stubborn, Chumps!

However, when Uganda’s intelligence is paymaster, facts are shoved on the side. They continue to dictate what the chumps should write: “Also, say that Rwanda tried to assassinate Museveni in Burundi!” “Ndiyo afande!” the chumps at ChimpReports respond and go on to publish an “analysis” of a French Intelligence online news website “ La Lettre de l’Ocean Indien” run by the Direction general de la securite exterieure, (DGSE).

In it, a preposterous claim is made that “Rwandan-sponsored Burundian rebels” had planned to shoot down the plane carrying president Museveni to the COMESA Heads of State Summit that was supposed to take place in Bujumbura between 1st and 10th June, but was later moved to Lusaka, Zambia, after Burundi’s government could not prove to the COMESA Council of Ministers that it was capable of hosting the event, including ability to ensure “logistical requirements”, some of which are considered basic “like internet,” according to a report by the East African. Simply put, Burundi “failed to meet hosting requirements,” (http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/business/Burundi-could-lose-chance-to-host-Comesa-Summit/2560-4159694-shndn7/index.html).

All this information is publicly available. So, to make an insinuation that Museveni was warned against travelling to Bujumbura because of threats that his plane would be shot down by “Rwanda-sponsored Burundian rebels” is more than reckless and is embarrassing, even for the sleazy chumps at ChimpReports!

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