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Uganda’s intelligence exposes itself in latest propaganda against Rwanda

The seriousness with which intelligence work is conducted in Uganda seems to have been reduced to cheap rumor mongering, if one is to go by the latest propaganda emanating from Uganda’s military intelligence circles against Rwanda.

Uganda’s CMI has lately turned into a champion of rumour milling—churning out fabricated lies through it proxy blogs trying to smear mud on Rwanda in a desperate attempt to divert attention from their relationship with the terror group, RNC.

A blog that is the mouthpiece of the terror outfit, the so-called Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and their sponsors, the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), has once again carried a bogus report making outrageous accusations against Rwanda.

As part of these allegations by Soft Power, a propaganda blog is a litany of “high profile assassinations” that are apparently being hatched with connivance of the Uganda Police Force and Rwandan security agencies.

The story cites a source from the Ugandan security that the so-called plot for the assassinations was hatched in Kigali during a meeting between a one Herbert Muhangi from the Ugandan police and senior security officials from Rwanda.

Now, if one is to play the devil’s advocate –for the sake of a debate and just assume that such a meeting ever happened. This allegation would constitute a serious intelligence case that in normal circumstances would be handled as top secret intelligence by security organs of any serious Intelligence leadership.

In other words, intelligence of this magnitude (if it were true) is not solved through blogs but rather competent security institutions. It is therefore stooping too low to manufacture such lies and plant them in proxy blogs because it only exposes the sinister intentions behind.

The truth of the matter is, these are diversionary tactics by CMI and their acolytes to divert attention from their open sponsorship of RNC, the terror outfit that continues to enjoy full protection and backing as they hatch subversive activities against Rwanda on Ugandan soil.

Several Rwandans who were abducted and tortured by CMI working with RNC have previously recounted their ordeals during their period in captivity, clearly detailing how much this outfit is deeply embedded into the highest of the Uganda security, mainly CMI.

This website has credible reports on open recruitment that continues to be done openly on Ugandan territory by these fugitives mainly in refugee camps accommodating Rwandans.

One known RNC operative engaged in recruiting for the outfit is Dr. Sam Ruvuma who, in playing to the gallery was briefly detained by Ugandan security, but was released after few days and is now back on his recruitment drive. His co-accused and their 43 recruits intercepted at Kikagati border heading to Minembwe-DRC training camp are still detained pending trial. His main operational base is in Western Uganda.

Others from Western Uganda include Deo Nyirigira and his son, Felix Mwizerwa and Mugisha Charles Sande. Nyirigira operates a Pentecostal church in Mbarara town –Agape Church which is a cover for recruitment of RNC fugitives.

This is on top of the likes of Mukombozi and Kayumba Rugema both CMI staff, who abduct innocent Rwandans suspected of not belonging or sympathetic to rnc on the street of Uganda, during broad day light and openly brag about it on social media.

Uganda’s CMI should therefore come clean on these shenanigans other than trying to divert attention by dragging Rwanda into internal infightings of the Ugandan security services.

The close ties of Sarah Kagingo, who publishes the propaganda website Soft Power, to Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde are well known. It would therefore not be surprising that she is using the blog to disenfranchise the Uganda security hierarchy against Police boss Kale Kayihura.

The bad blood between Kayihura and Tumukunde – the Ugandan Minister for Security – needs no introduction for it has even openly played out in the media. To drag Rwanda into this machination is not only a diversionary act but cheap to say the least.

Lastly, one cannot divorce Soft Power from RNC, given the fact that snippets of the same report they talk about, was first published on social media word-for-word by a known RNC operative on social media before being published by Soft Power.

Therefore, time is up for CMI and its leaders to stop this cheap propaganda and only devote their energy to get rid of RNC that is seemingly directing their operations against Rwanda on Ugandan soil.

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