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Uganda’s CMI kills Rwandan businessman, but propaganda claims “accident”

By Melody Mukansonera

CMI director Abel Kandiho. His agency has continued to harass, and even kill innocent Rwandans. The latest to die at the hands of CMI was a Masindi-based trader, whose body is still in Uganda.

The usual campaign of harassment of Rwandans in Uganda has gone a whole new level.

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has now started staging road accidents to kill Rwandans.

The latest such victim is a Rwandan businessman by the name of Sivo who was knocked and killed on the spot by a speeding vehicle. The incident happened at around 5 pm this Wednesday in Bujenje along the Masindi-Hoima road. But according to our reliable sources, the vehicle was operated by a CMI operative with instructions to ram into Sivo who was riding on a motorcycle.

He was with a friend on the bicycle when the pickup vehicle knocked them, though only Sivo dies while good Samaritans were trying to evacuate them to hospital.

The deceased Sivo was a trader operating a business in Masindi.

From arbitrary arrests, illegal incarcerations incommunicado, torture, and extra-judicial executions now one can add “intentional accident” to the ways the Museveni regime has mistreated innocent Rwandans.

So many of the Rwandan victims of Ugandan security forces, most notably CMI, have suffered for reasons they know absolutely nothing about.

Kampala has been pursuing a policy of destabilizing the government of Rwanda, executed by CMI working hand in hand with their main anti-Rwanda proxy group, RNC. In the process, countless Rwandan nationals that traveled to Uganda, or that already lived there bore the brunt of Museveni’s hostility against Rwanda

With the killing of Sivo, Uganda has hit a new low, said a Kigali commentator on security matters.

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