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Uganda’s CMI continues to arrest innocent Rwandans As Recruitment drive for RNC intesfies

Increased illegal detention of innocent Rwandans travelling to Uganda on private business threatens to hamper the usually vibrant free movement of citizens from both countries across the two common borders, observers say.

In the recent past, dozens of Rwandans have been detained illegally by Uganda’s military intelligence under unclear circumstances and subjected to torture for allegedly being Rwandan planted spies.

On Saturday 09th November, another Rwandan, Fidele Gatsinzi was arrested by plain clothed security operatives suspected to be CMI agents and his whereabouts remain undisclosed up to now. Gatsinzi had gone to Kampala last week on Thursday to visit his son who studies at Uganda Christian University in Mukono.

Family sources say, Gatsinzi booked into Winks Hotel in Ntinda near Capital Shoppers where he spent one night before being kidnapped the next day at around 9am local time.

“We have been trying to look for him for the past two days but we have failed to trace his whereabouts,” a close relative of Gatsinzi told this website. “We requested his niece to go and check his hotel but upon arrival, she was told that Gatsinzi left in the morning and didn’t return.”
However, his belongings remained in the hotel room.

Since September, dozens of Rwandans have been illegally detained under unclear circumstances by CMI and subjected to torture to induce false confessions that they allegedly spy for Rwanda.

On 23rd Sept 2017, three Rwandans, Bayingana James, Nsekanabo Lando Ali, Byaruhanga Nduwamungu Vianney were arrested by Uganda’s CMI from Bukasa and detained in Mbuya for three months till their release in November.
Rene Rutagungira was arrested on 6th Aug. 2017 from Bakuri in Kampala and remains under custody till today.

“All these arrested people are subjected to torture and detained incommunicado and asked common questions such as their military background, their associates in Uganda and their involvement in kidnap of Rwandans,” a source said.

Recent media reports indicated of an existing scheme to fake kidnaps of Rwandan refugees reportedly committed by Kigali as a strategy of portraying Rwanda as a “hostile” state.

As these arrests increase, a general fear of safety for Rwandans travelling to Uganda is growing by day. Many tend to alert family members, friends and officials whenever they travel to Uganda asking them to keep keen ‘eye’ just incase they suddenly disappear.

Contrary to the standards that guide arrests of foreigners, Rwandans detained by CMI are denied consular access from Rwandan diplomats and legal counsel.

Since most are detained in ungazetted detention centers, Uganda’s Police force is usually unaware about these arrests.
As these continue illegal detentions escalate, sources say increased recruitment of Rwandans into rebel ranks for RNC continues unabated. Credible information obtained by this website shows that the recruitment drive is happening in refugee camps of Nyakivala, Kibale and Mubende with support from Uganda’s CMI.

During these recruitment visits to refuge camps,,Rugema Kayumba, a former army corporal and cousin to fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa does the mobilization propaganda while the entire recruitment scheme is supervised by CMI that provides the team with logistical support including security escorts.

RNC’s Rugema Kayumba re-located from his asylum home in Norway and now coordinates fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa operations from Kampala where he’s a special guest of CMI.

“It most likely that the arrests are being done to divert or cover-up the recruitment for RNC that is now in full gear in refugee camps accommodating Rwandans,” a highly placed intelligence source told this website.

Two RNC fugitives Maj. (rtd) Habib Mudathir and Capt (rtd) Sibo Charles left Rhino refugee camp in Arua facilitated by CMI to coordinate training for RNC recruits in Minebwe S.Kivu of DRC and prepare another training camp in West Nile of Uganda.

Credible information from intelligence sources say the two renegade ex-soldiers (Habib and Sibo) are trying but with limited success to mobilize retired RDF officers inside Rwanda, hoping to have them in RNC training camps.










Fidele Gatsinzi, who was arrested by plainclothed operatives suspected to be CMI agents

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