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Ugandan state newspaper props up Nyamwasa in puff piece

By Alex Muhumuza

An article in Uganda’s state newspaper, The New Vision, of Saturday 26 January 2019 ran the following heading on page 18: “Special District Administrators were a mix of military and civilian cadres, well-informed about the ideologies of the National Resistance Movement.”

Amongst the “cadres” singled out for mention is Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa. Under the picture of a youthful-looking Nyamwasa The New Vision writes a short bio that begins, “Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa was an assistant district administrator for Gulu District in northern Uganda”, before it goes on to list other posts Nyamwasa has held either in Uganda or Rwanda.

In this group, Nyamwasa is the only assistant district administrator mentioned in this gallery – which raises the first red flag. Why the special treatment of this man by the vision, yet there were very many other ADAs that were equally, if not more capable? This cannot be mere coincidence, say analysts that have seen the article.

More questions crop up immediately when one is through with this piece in the state media of Uganda.

For one thing it is no secret that today Kayumba Nyamwasa is the leader of a terrorist movement that is intent on bringing armed conflict back to Rwanda. The whole world knows Nyamwasa’s RNC is a terrorist organisation, busy recruiting to bring war to a democratically elected government. A recent UN report has reported its activities in minute detail.

Furthermore credible reports last year surfaced that representatives of the RNC and FDLR (Interahamwe and Ex FAR remnants) met last December in Kampala with high-level representatives of President Museveni. On the agenda was better ways to coordinate the rebel activities of both organizations against Rwanda.

This was disclosed by FDLR spokesman and deputy chief of intelligence Ignace Nkaka aka LaForge Bazeye Fils under questioning by DRC authorities when they arrested him at Bunagana, when he was coming back from Kampala. The information Nkaka disclosed to the Congolese authorities was further conclusive proof of the Museveni regime’s complicity in activities to destabilize Rwanda, and how tightly linked the regime is with Kayumba.

Is it coincidence that this is a man The New Vision is upholding as a “good cadre”?, many are wondering.

Rwanda has complained very many times about the activities of Nyamwasa and RNC. The Rwandan government has raised the issue very many times with its Ugandan counterpart through diplomatic channels. Kigali had, and has proof that Uganda is at the forefront of supporting, sponsoring and facilitating RNC in all its activities that are geared towards bringing death and destruction back to Rwanda.

Uganda has denied these things. Yet Rwanda has on many occasions provided proof that it is. A prime example is the group of Rwandan youths that upon being apprehended in December 2017 by Uganda border police at the Kikagati frontier with Tanzania confessed they were recruits headed for RNC training camps in eastern DRC. They were travelling with forged papers, which was what raised immigration officials’ suspicions.

Upon close questioning they confessed it was the Museveni regime’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) that provided them the forged papers, transportation and other assistance. All those are proven acts by the state of Uganda, which Rwanda has shown. Also it is well known that RNC leaders whenever in Kampala are treated in the same manner and protocol usually accorded dignitaries visiting from other states.

It is well-known that Rwandan fugitive businessman Tribert Rujugiro, one of RNC’s chief financiers is a business partner with President Yoweri Museveni’s younger brother Salim Saleh. The first brother is a partner in Rujugiro’s tobacco processing plant in Arua, northern Uganda, holding 15 percent of the company’s shares.

All this is clear indication that the Museveni regime is doing everything it can to destabilize the Rwandan administration, whether directly or indirectly, said a long-time observer of Uganda-Rwanda relations.

“Therefore for The New Vision to come out and run this piece which places Nyamwasa into such a favorable light in the eyes of Ugandans, even when he is busy planning terror on Rwanda just shows how complicit Museveni is in RNC activities,” said the analyst.

It is evident that the newspaper’s inclusion of Nyamwasa amongst those “well-informed with the ideologies of the movement” is a means to further sanitize him in the Ugandan public, “it amounts to building up his favorability in public and campaigning for him”.

“This is obvious ‘building up of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s image in Uganda, and it cannot have happened without the blessing of the highest authorities,” said a source in Kampala.

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