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Ugandan ruler’s son and his Twitter war alarms

By Jackson Mutabazi

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Ugandan military big shot and First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba has recently taken to sending out belligerent tweets, basically promising hell on earth to an enemy he does not name. “I can assure you whoever even thinks of messing with Uganda will get a very bad day!” Lt. Gen. Kainerugaba thundered in a tweet yesterday.

It was the latest in a series that began mid last week when he said: “Uganda’s strong! I never used to believe it, but Almighty God has made me a believer. Nobody can defeat Uganda! This is God’s country. Whoever dares will be crushed to dust!”

Following the tweets, Chimpreports – one of the multitudes of Ugandan intelligence service sponsored websites in Kampala’s propaganda campaign against Rwanda – quickly published an article that made it seem like the Ugandan ruler’s son was referring to Rwanda. “The cautions come against the backdrop of heightened tensions between Uganda and Rwanda,” said the website in an article entitled, “Gen. Muhoozi’s ‘crush to dust’ warning; is UPDF prepping for combat action?”

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But there is no way Muhoozi was referring to Rwanda. He is known to the scene but surely he has heard from stories from actual generals – all of whom are quiet while the privileged son shouts war from the rooftops – who would know what they were talking about in relation to Rwanda and fighting. Muhooozi must be referring to somebody else he wants to crush, not Rwanda.

But still, to flex the warlike credentials of the First Son, Chimpreports peppers its article with obsequious praise songs to him. “Muhoozi is energized!” “Muhoozi, during his reign as Special Forces commander led commando units that wrestled Mogadishu from Al Shabaab” (at this, one bursts out in loud laughter, then reads on). “He disarmed the Karimojong; fought LRA’s Kony, and defeated ADF in Uganda!”

It’s as if Chimp is asserting to its audience: “This is the man to deal with ‘those Rwandans!’”

The problem with the website’s yarn about the war prowess of Kainerugaba is that during all the time he supposedly was performing those feats, eyewitnesses swear they were seeing him in luxury Kampala hotels, nightclubs and other places of leisure.

Chimpreports, after its paeans to “the great general” then targets Rwanda – as usual with accusations that are pure projections of Kampala’s own hostile acts or intentions against a neighbor. The website is accusing Rwanda of intentions of war against Uganda.

“Uganda rarely responds to Rwanda’s accusations,” claims the propaganda organ. “But insiders say UPDF maintains ‘a defensive posture’”, it adds.

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The informed reader however will be aware that what Chimpreports calls “accusations” are things Rwanda always presents with proof, that is every time the Kampala commits another provocation. A case in point is the recent massacre of 14 civilians in Kinigi by attackers that had crossed from the border.

Rwandan security forces neutralized the terrorists, killing 19 of them and capturing five with the participation of local civilians. When questioned, they disclosed they were recruited into the FDLR terror group while in Uganda.

When Kigali officials mention these things, that is what organs like Chimpreports call “Rwandan accusations”, insinuating there is no truth to what they say.

Kigali however unfailingly presents evidence and proof to back whatever it says.

Through diplomatic notes verbale, it showed proof that the 46 RNC recruits – who were passing through Kikagati enroute to the terror group’s camps in Minembwe in December 2017 – were facilitated with forged papers and transportation by Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI.

Also, Rwanda has repeatedly shown how Uganda is a hotbed of RNC activity – with the group’s officials coming and going as they please; with Kampala providing RNC bigwigs with diplomatic passports and VIP treatment; or by helping RNC financiers set up firms that only are a front for the group’s operations.

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In other cases Kigali has shown, again and again, that Ugandan intelligence agencies persecute innocent Rwandan nationals; arrest them on concocted charges; illegally jail and torturing them, while denying them access to families and consular services.

There is a whole pile of Rwanda High Commission to Uganda notes verbale asking about the fate of its nationals unfortunate enough to fall into the clutches of CMI, ISO and the like.

On the other hand, what has Rwanda done to Uganda that’s even a tiny fraction of such bad neighborliness?, journalists and the like have asked. There is nothing that Uganda can point at.

The thing the Museveni regime misinformation machine excels at is inventing accusations against Kigali, while trying to pretend Uganda is the victim!

Such as one of the claims in the Chimpreports article. “With Rwanda Special Forces being very active in South Kivu and North Kivu (provinces) in Eastern Congo, observers say UPDF must be preparing for combat action.”

Voila! Uganda has accused Rwanda of preparing to attack it from DRC!

But is Kampala the government of DRC?, a few readers have asked.

DRC is an independent country; one that can even decide to sign security pacts with neighboring countries, such as Rwanda, to punish terrorist groups bent on killing its innocent citizens.

That aside, security analysts say, in case Lt. Gen. Kainerugaba indeed is talking about Rwanda with his tweets, the record should be clear to him. Rwanda only fights in self-defense and for good cause – meaning the national interest. Also, when Rwanda fights, it ensures the war’s conclusion is in the house of the one that started it.

But then again, Gen. Kainerugaba must be aware of that.

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