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Ugandan propaganda machine trying to drown out the truth of Kampala’s links with ADF/ISIS terrorism

By Alex Muhumuza

ADF fighters, a group with links to Islamist terrorist ISIS, which also Ugandan president Museveni has been weaponizing for his own purposes.

Ugandan propaganda media is at it again, repeating a lie they fabricated long ago that “the ADF works with Rwanda.”

The notorious Commandonepost, a website on the payroll of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, posted an article this Wednesday, 13 October, with claims that Rwanda is bankrolling ADF terrorism. This, they allege, “is in preparation to officially invade DRC, finance more massacres, and stop development in Kivu.”

The article then meanders from one wild assertion to another, all backed with no fact of course: that the Rwandan president now is controlling Congolese security; that Rwanda is planning “to balkanize DRC”; that “Ugandan contract to build a road in DRC has made Rwanda prepare for war,” and so on.     

One has to really wonder if it is sane people writing these things.  

How can Rwanda be “orchestrating” with Ugandan terrorists “to officially invade” DRC – a country moreover that Rwanda is enjoying excellent diplomatic, business, and other ties with? And what powers would Rwanda have to “balkanize” any country?

What sense can one make of these CMI fabrications?  

Obviously what has triggered Commandonepost to throw up these fictions (this time with the fresh spin that “ADF is in Rwanda”) is the arrests in Rwanda of 13 suspected ADF terrorists at the start of this month. The suspects were planning to conduct attacks with improvised explosive devices in Rwanda.

It is well established knowledge that the ADF – a Ugandan rebel group that also has ties to the international Islamist group ISIS – in fact is a creation of Ugandan president Museveni, and that he uses it for various purposes.

The ADF was formed in 1995 as one of the groups fighting to overthrow the Museveni government, but over time it suffered bad military defeats in northwestern Uganda. “But then Museveni for his reasons decided not to finish them off,” said a veteran analyst on security matters in Kampala.

It got to the extent that Museveni fully controlled the group, while maintaining the pretense that he was fighting it.

“The ADF had become a very convenient tool for Museveni whenever he needed to do something criminal; either to invade DRC on pretext that he was pursuing ADF terrorists, or to eliminate people within Uganda itself. This he would do by sending his security forces to gun people down, and then accuse ‘ADF terrorists’ afterwards,” added the analyst.     

But Museveni found yet another use for the group: incorporating it into his longtime plot to destabilize the security of Rwanda.

The Ugandan ruler has been pursuing a policy of hostility against Rwanda for a long time, using groups such as Kayumba Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress; and the genocidal FDLR, RUD-Urunana, among others. But these proxies suffered some bad defeats in their eastern DRC camps, beginning mid 2019.

Their routing coincided with the establishment of better ties between Kinshasa and Kigali, notably diplomatic and commercial relations, and closer cooperation on security. Better relations with DRC spelt very bad news for Museveni and the Kampala-backed illegal armed groups that he, and they, had thought would use eastern Congo forever in their attempts to export violence to Rwanda.

With RNC annihilated, and FDLR reduced to mere remnants by the Congolese military (FARDC), Kampala now has resorted to weaponizing ADF against Rwanda.

They have repurposed ADF in two ways: first as a group that his propaganda machine can repeatedly claim that “it works with Rwanda”, and second as an actual vessel of terrorist attacks inside Rwanda.   

According to impeccable sources, Museveni’s coordinator for the anti-Rwanda destabilization project, former state minister for regional affairs Philemon Mateke has already been at work integrating into ADF of elements of the defeated FDLR and RUD-Urunana, as well as members of the Kinyarwanda-speaking Banyabwisha community of eastern DRC. The aim is to create the impression that the ADF has many Kinyarwanda-speakers in it; therefore it must be working with Rwanda!

On the other hand, ADF’s original ISIS ties have been activated, in negative solidarity with Mozambique’s al Shabaab terrorists. These have suffered defeat after defeat following operations by Rwandan and Mozambican troops to help the Government of Mozambique rid parts of its territories of terrorist control.

The 13 terror suspects arrested in Rwanda have themselves confessed they worked with ADF. They have already disclosed that their mission was to carry out attacks in revenge for the Rwandan army’s intervention in the Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique – which has scattered ISIS’s affiliate there, al Shabaab.

With the suspects under questioning and liable to disclose more, probably their links to Kampala, it isn’t surprising that Commandonepost – and Kampala’s other propaganda social media accounts – are desperately disseminating wild misinformation against Rwanda.

They want to drown out the truth of Kampala’s dalliances with Islamist terrorists with a sea of misinformation.

Projection is their method as usual, falsely accusing Rwanda of the very thing they are doing: working with ADF.     


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