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Ugandan propaganda jumps on an assassination in Congo to fictitiously link it to Rwanda

By Jean Gatera

Uganda propaganda organs on the payroll of CMI have yet again smeared Rwanda with a crime. Pictured is CMI boss Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho.

Commandonepost, a propaganda outlet on the payroll of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) continues its anti-Rwanda campaigns by falsely blaming a murder in Goma (DR Congo) on Rwanda.

This follows an incident when individuals on a motorbike murdered one Ngezayo Simba last Tuesday morning in the DRC town of Goma. Congolese officials announced that one of the suspects called himself “Mutabazi”. This alone prompted CMI to launch a slanderous article. CMI, which is best known as the Uganda Government’s implementer of anti-Rwanda terrorism, rushed to blame Rwanda through Commandonepost.

According to credible sources in Goma, property ownership conflicts are suspected to be the motive of the murder of Simba.

To smear the hideous crime upon Rwanda, Commandonepost simply used the suspect’s name “Mutabazi” to claim he is “a Rwandan agent.” The propaganda outlet provides no further evidence.

Observers wonder why Commandonepost has given itself the role of disclosing who the suspect is, rather than the Congolese authorities that have arrested him.

In video clips of Congolese security officials announcing the arrest, even the military official said that the suspect’s nationality was still unknown.

On the other hand the name Mutabazi is common in the region. In Uganda too, many people carry the name Mutabazi. For instance, one high-profile official in Kampala is Godfrey Mutabazi, the director of the Uganda Communications Commission.

Another video makes key revelations about the identity of the suspect, and why CMI might be able to know who Mutabazi is, even as its propagandists do their best to link him to Rwanda. In the viral clip on social media, three suspects undergo an interrogation by security officials. One of the suspects, named Abdul, says that Mutabazi is “a former soldier, a prisoner, and then a fugitive.”

At the end of the day, observers comment, Ugandan propaganda should let Congolese authorities do their job and not try to muddy the waters with their concocted claims.

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