Home Op-ed Ugandan Military Intelligence starts anti-Rwanda recruitment drive in refugee camps

Ugandan Military Intelligence starts anti-Rwanda recruitment drive in refugee camps

By Alex Muhumuza

A year after RNC was militarily routed last year with hundreds killed and dozens of others captured alive (above), Uganda’s CMI is tasked with reviving RNC.

News reaching our desk is that Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has deployed agents in all refugee camps in Uganda where there are Kinyarwanda-speaking refugees, and they are recruiting them to join anti-Rwanda rebel groups. The Ugandan regime has long been exposed as working with Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, as well as other anti-Rwanda terror groups like FDLR and RUD-Urunana – the latter two both offshoots of the ex-FAR, and Interahamwe militias, the main perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The latest we have is that a year after RNC and other illegal armed Rwandan groups in eastern DRC were militarily annihilated – with several of their top commanders killed, hundred of their fighters taken out of action and driven out of their bases – the Ugandan regime is bent on helping the terror outfits rebuild. That plan seems to be centered around recruiting from Ugandan refugees camps where Kinyarwanda speakers are to be found.

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It has come to light that in these camps, CMI is luring any refugee it can persuade, but most specifically it’s agents are seeking out those individuals that ever were in security forces in Rwanda before they left for some reason or other – including even others that were in FDLR. Reports indicate that the camps where these recruitment activities – “which gravely run counter to both the letter and spirit of the Luanda MoU”, as an analyst puts it – include: Nakivale, Kyaka2, Kyangwari, Kiryandongo, Rhino Camp, Rwamwanja, and Oruchinga refugee settlement camps.

Indicating that the recruitment drive in the camps is part of a newly accelerated anti-Rwanda effort by the Ugandan regime, reports are surfacing that CMI has set up a cadreship training school for the Rwanda National Congress, RNC. “All this indicates that Kampala, instead of looking for peace, is completely unchanged in its hostile stance,” an official in Kigali remarked.

The Ugandan ruling establishment’s activities fly in the face of their very commitments, notably the articles of the Luanda Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on which Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni upended his signature – together with his Rwandan counterpart – on 21 August 2019.

“The parties (Uganda and Rwanda) undertake to refrain from actions conducive to destabilization or subversion in the territory of the other party and neighboring countries, thereby eliminating all factors that may create such perception,” the MoU says in part.

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“The recruitment that CMI is conducting in the camps is just another example that to Museveni, agreements are just pieces of paper,” said the Kigali official, who requested not to be named. “CMI’s acts in the camps clearly are conducive to destabilization, or subversion against Rwanda, in clear violation of all efforts, such as Angola’s, to bring back normal relations.”

Seasoned observers of the Ugandan regime’s subversive acts against Rwanda have seen it all by now, our source added.

Down the years, Uganda has been caught red-handed as a recruitment, and transit territory for Nyamwasa’s rebels when the latter still had training camps in Minembwe, eastern Congo. Also CMI has long been exposed as working hand in hand with RNC agents in the abductions and torture of hundreds of Rwandan nationals – to forcefully recruit them into RNC as fighters, or contributors of funds. On more than one occasion Kampala has been exposed as providing official, even diplomatic passports to senior members of RNC, FDLR and other anti-Rwanda terrorist groups.

“These, and so many other acts of subversion against Kigali, are why there is nothing surprising about latest revelations of what CMI is up to in the refugee camps,” an expert on security matters commented.

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