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Ugandan military again targets, illegally detains innocent Rwandans returning home

By Patience Kirabo

Copies of Solange Mukashyaka and Angela Kayitesi’s travel documents.

In its never-ending targeting of Rwandan nationals for harassment, soldiers of the Ugandan military, UPDF have illegally detained a Rwandan national, Solange Mukashyaka and her four-year-old daughter Angela Kayitesi. In such matters, the soldiers work on instructions from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, headed by Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho.

The mother and daughter had with them their valid travel documents when they were arbitrarily arrested alongside ten other Rwandans along the Kabale-Katuna road last Wednesday, October 27. The incident happened a few meters to the Katuna border, when the Rwandan were brutally thrown out of their bus at a roadblock.

While being dragged out of the bus, Mukashyaka tried to show the security operatives her travel documents while trying to explain that the two were only returning home. The soldiers, whose instructions are to harass innocent Rwandans, did not want to hear any of it, nor look at the papers.

It has been established that the CMI has mounted checkpoints along Mbarara-Ntungamo-Kabale road, specifically to target Rwandan nationals going back home to Rwanda. They stop every bus to single out Rwandan nationals. They force them off the vehicles, and detain them in the nearby police stations – or in Mbarara’s Makenke Barracks for torture on trumped up accusations of “espionage”.

Currently the whereabouts of Mukashyaka, her daughter, and fourteen other Rwandans are not known (amongst those most recently abducted). They were bundled into “drone” vehicles and driven to unknown locations, and as usual with no communication to the Rwanda High Commission in Kampala – as required by international law in such cases.

Information reaching this website is that the group is being illegally detained at Makenke Barracks, where many innocent Rwandans have been languishing since the systematic operations of hunting down Banyarwanda in southwestern Uganda commenced.

The government of Rwanda, through its High Commission in Kampala has sent a note verbal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda to notify them, and protest the continued illegal arrests and persecution of Rwandan nationals.


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