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Ugandan First Son tweets; fake anti-Rwanda articles follow. What are the reasons?

By Alex Muhumuza

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

A recent spate of bad setbacks for Kampala’s plans to destabilize Rwanda – through its RNC, FDLR and other terrorist proxies – has left the Museveni regime with little choice other than to manufacture a pile of fake news in increasingly desperate attempts to tarnish Kigali.

That is what is to be seen in the most recent anti-Rwanda articles in Kampala propaganda media – including the state-owned New Vision (its outrageous smear against President Kagame last Sunday that he had a hand in the death of Maj. Gen. Rwigema only was the latest); as well as Commandpost, Chimpreports and multitudes of others financed by the country’s intelligence agencies.

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Chimpreports in the past couple of days has been outdoing everyone else by its use of a series of tweets of the Ugandan ruler’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba as raw material to advance the impression – which they have been trying to create for some time – that “Rwanda is planning war against Uganda!”

The website made it seem like Lt. Gen. Kainerugaba was talking of Rwanda when it quoted a tweet he sent out last week on 9 October, Uganda’s Independence Day, saying: “nobody can defeat Uganda! This is God’s country! Whoever dares will be crushed to dust!”

Quoting Muhoozi’s Independence Day tweets, Chimpreports this Monday added them to another belligerent one, sent out to enemies Museveni’s son did not name. It said, “I can assure whoever even thinks of messing with Uganda will get a very bad day!”

Muhoozi said nothing about Rwanda. The website nevertheless used them to drive the fraudulent narrative of “Rwandan war designs” on Uganda.

It became quite blatant with an article Chimpreports published yesterday (Tuesday) as a follow-up to Monday’s.

“Is Rwanda Planning Invasion of Western Uganda?” asked the headline, leading with the following sentence: “Uganda’s armed forces have intensified preparations to defend the country especially in Western Uganda, which is expected to be invaded by Rwanda Defense Forces and its associated militia groups.”

Just like that, on the basis of nothing other than some tweets by the First Son – which Chimp interpreted to insinuate the message it wanted – a Ugandan mouthpiece is accusing Rwanda of a very serious matter. “The Senior Presidential Advisor in Charge of Special Operations, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba blew the lid off the military threat faced by Uganda…”

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The question that immediately arises is: so, that’s how Uganda conducts matters of grave importance – through tweets by someone who in the first place would not be the individual to speak on such matters?

The lengthy article is full of incendiary and false allegations, such as one that: “around May 2018 Rwandan forces deployed tens of thousands of troops along the Ugandan border in anticipation of a full-scale war!” Or that, “Rwanda maintains about 10,000 Rwandan troops in eastern DRC!”, Or that “Rwanda wants to provoke a war from the Congo, to avoid fighting that war in Rwanda!”

It is so much it makes one’s head spin. How in the first place has Kinshasa not spoken out on these things that allegedly are taking place on its territory, but Ugandan mouthpieces are the ones making such alarmist noises?, one asks.

The news one gets from the DRC these days is how that country is happily securing the peace of its people; driving out destabilizing groups of armed bandits like RNC and FDLR; forging alliances with any neighbor that wants peace, and generally indicating it can no longer be a safe haven for criminal groups the source of endless conflict.

Recently the world has seen how the RNC ragtag rebels were smoked out, as they were being shifted from Minembwe in South Kivu Province, to Binza in North Kivu.

The rout they suffered mid this year, with about 200 of them dead – including Capt. (Rtd) Charles Sibo, one of their top commanders – and several captured alive with their weapons, including Maj. (Rtd) Habib Mudathir was a blow they will not recover from. One suffered not only by Kayumba Nyamwasa and his RNC, but also by Museveni and his long-term plans to destabilize Rwanda. More recently, Sylvestre Mudacumura, commander of the FDLR too met his brutal end in the Congolese forests.

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Security sources point out how the defeats of RNC and FDLR have also led to another great embarrassment for Museveni. The captured bandits have been revealing all the details of his regime’s support for anti-Rwanda groups, in open court sessions. Security sources say Kampala is despairing even more about all the information that must have been revealed in private interrogations of the likes of arrested FDLR bigwigs LaForge Fils Bazeye, Theophile Abega, as well as individuals such as Callixte Nsabimana “Sankara”.

A big reason for all the propaganda emanating from Chimpreports and other Kampala propaganda organs is to obfuscate the highly embarrassing revelations that is becoming public – further damaging Kampala’s already tattered reputation, said our sources.

To make matters worse for Kampala, it has now been revealed that the recent terror attack in Kinigi, which claimed 14 innocent lives and injured a number of other people, came from Uganda. Rwandan security forces killed 19 of the attackers and, with the participation of local civilians, capturing five alive.

Interviewed by the media, they revealed they were of the FDLR RUD-Urunana group, and that they had been recruited while in Uganda. One of them, Theoneste Habumukiza said he was doing a masters course at Kampala’s Makerere University when “someone well-dressed” recruited him into FDLR with promises that “they would capture Rwanda.”

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Now, according to our highly confidential sources, it has come to light that the attack in Kinigi by “RUD-Urunana” was facilitated by Philemon Mateke, Uganda’s Minister of State for Regional Affairs.

Followers of the news will recall that when Bazeye and Abega were arrested on 15 December last year at the Bunagana Border Post in Congo, they were coming from a meeting whose agenda was to coordinate the activities of FDLR and RNC. That meeting was at the Kampala Serena and its convener was Mateke, at the instructions of Museveni.

Such duplicity by Uganda has been uncovered “to embarrassing levels” by a DRC and Angola inquiry into the causes of the strained relations between Uganda and Rwanda – part of the work on the MoU signed in Luanda in August.

“No wonder Chimpreports also is disseminating insinuations that, somehow, it is Rwanda that’s violating the MoU terms,” said an observer.

“There is nothing much the Ugandan authorities remain with, after being so badly hit in their anti-Rwanda plots and after being so badly exposed by the truth. All they have remaining is fake news!”

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