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Ugandan authorities from Kisoro dump half dead Rwandan at Cyanika

By Jean Gatera

Nzabandora Jean de Dieu, a Rwandan national battered, bruised and dumped at the Rwandan border with Uganda.

Ugandan authorities have dumped another badly injured Rwandan at the Cyanika border. The Rwandan citizen, Nzabandora Jean de Dieu who was in a lot of pain was brought by the authorities of the Rusenyi village across the border in Kisoro District, and “they just dumped him very inhumanely and in full view of the public,” according to eyewitnesses.

Nzabandora’s body was covered with bruises and his head drenched with blood. In Rwanda an ambulance was quickly dispatched to take the beaten man to the Cyanika Health Center for urgent medical care.

Ugandan security authorities have on several occasions mercilessly beaten, then dumped Rwandans residing in parts of the country – just because of their nationality. In most cases they thoroughly inflict torture on the victims. “Sometimes they dump the injured victims at the border so as to avoid death on their hands,” a Kigali-based human rights group worker said.

“In Uganda it has become routine. They hunt down Rwandans, beat them up and steal all their belongings,” he added.

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The brutality of Ugandan security services towards Rwandans has kept on despite the Ugandan administration repeatedly stating, verbally, that it will respect the provisions of the Luanda Memorandum of Understanding – signed last year in Angola by the heads od state of Rwanda and Uganda. Among the provisions was for Uganda to, a) release without condition the hundreds of innocent Rwandan nationals in illegal Ugandan detention, and b) to stop mistreatment of Rwandan nationals.

“Uganda has done very little of that, even after follow up ad-hoc committee meetings to implement the MoU, signed last year in August,” an observer commented. Rwandan nationals are abducted, held incommunicado, and in most cases suffer torture at the hands of Ugandan security services, most notably and notoriously the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

This has been the case since the Ugandan government adopted a policy of anti-Rwanda hostility, and began sponsoring groups bent on destabilizing Rwanda – most notably Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC. The genocidal FDLR, and RUD-Urunana too enjoy the backing of Uganda. “As a result of the anti-Kigali hostility, countless innocent Rwandans have suffered,” said our source.

In December last year, Rwandan Jackson Ndayambaje suffered the same fate as Nzabandora. In September last year, Kayirere Julienne – a young mother– was separated from her baby, Joanna before she too was dumped at a border with no deportation paperwork. Such examples have become too many to properly keep record of.

“Nzabandora should consider himself lucky that he at least is still alive,” said the rights worker.

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