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Ugandan authorities chose to not collect deceased smuggler’s body for unknown reasons, have now changed their mind

By Alain Mucyo

Ugandan president Museveni. Authorities of his country have been intentionally delaying to pick the body of a deceased Ugandan smuggler, with CMI media milking the incident for propaganda purposes.

Today, Saturday 28, is when Ugandan authorities are supposed to collect the body of Justus Kadogo Kabagambe, a Ugandan smuggler who with his eight accomplices turned violent when a Rwandan security patrol stopped them, forcing members of the patrol to shoot him in self-defense. The body has been lying in the mortuary of Butaro Hospital in Burera for over a week now with no Ugandan having come to collect it, despite repeated calls by Rwandan authorities to their counterparts to come collect it.

Kampala propaganda websites have since published a lot of misinformation about the incident, including claims by Chimpreports – one of the several outlets of misinformation for Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – that the family of the dead man was “begging Rwanda for the body.”

In an article published this Thursday, Chimpreports was trying very hard to insinuate that Rwanda was refusing to hand over the body to the Ugandans.

“That’s simply a lie,” Rwandan border authorities have clarified. “The facts are that from Wednesday18 August – the very day the deceased was taken to Butaro hospital – we have been in touch with the mayor of Kabale District, to discuss the handover process. But to our surprise they were evasive. At one point five days later – on Monday 23, this week – the mayor of Kabale even said ‘they were waiting to receive instructions from higher authorities in Kampala!’”

Our source pointed out that the Ugandan authorities obviously had their reasons for their delays.

Now the Ugandans are saying they will collect the body today.

But even before Chimpreports published its latest anti-Rwanda falsehoods, it together with seemingly the whole of Ugandan media were feeding their readers the fiction that “Rwanda had killed an innocent Ugandan businessman.” 

The true facts of the case are that Kabagambe’s demise came about through his own violent acts.

In the night of Wednesday last week, he together with his fellow smugglers used a porous border crossing in the Kibuye Sector of Burera District, transporting six jerrycans of the kanyanga moonshine as well as 90 packets of the Movit cosmetics. The latter can be used in making the illegal mukorogo skin bleaching creams.

When the security patrol challenged them, that was when the smugglers, armed with machetes and sharpened sticks, ibisongo, attacked, leaving members of the patrol no choice but to fire in self-defense.

Afterwards the body was taken to Butaro for examination, and identification, and to prepare it for handover.

Social media commentators say the delay to pick the body was a strategy by Ugandan authorities to milk the incident as much as they could for propaganda purposes.

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