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Uganda Propaganda Website Soft Power Tries And Fails Yet Again At Spinning CMI Blunders

The recent arrest by Uganda Police of 41 Rwandan recruits of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) at Uganda’s Kikagati border is causing distress within Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

The 41 Rwanda National Congress rebel recruits who were being facilitated by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) to go for training in Minembwe in South Kivu, DRC, via Burundi, are now under the custody of the Uganda Police Force after they were intercepted with fake travel documents at the Kikagati border-post with Tanzania.

All the 41 recruits are Rwandans. They were recruited in different areas such as Mubende, kiboga, Mbarara, Nyakivale and Kibale by the RNC network that is operating freely in Uganda with the support of the CMI.

According to sources, CMI had briefed the recruits that when they reach the border they should lie to the immigration officials that they are going for a Christian fellowship.

However, when they reached the border they couldn’t answer the questions that the immigration officers were asking them. For instance, they couldn’t produce any document indicating who had invited them, the church they were going to, or the pastor of that church. As a result, the immigration officials become suspicious that something wasn’t adding up.

CMI was caught red-handed facilitating the recruitment of rebels to fight its neighbor. It got embarrassed when the matter reached the public and was being discussed by the mainstream media.

It began a cover-up. A Uganda CMI-backed propaganda website, Soft Power, began to spin. It found a picture of old women, some of whom feeble, that was taken in 2013 and posted it with a headline that “Police intercepts Rwandan refugees on missionary journey to Tanzania, ties them to rebel group.”

Perhaps in quick panic, Soft Power forgot to delete the year (2013) of on the picture. However, this website obtained the real picture of the recruits and their names from the passenger manifest. The entire crew consists of able-bodied young men in their early to mid-20s.

Others who have been recruited in a similar manner in Uganda were taken to the RNC training center in Minembwe, South Kivu, DRC. RNC recruiters such as Habib Mudathir and Sibo Charles escaped from a UNHCR refugee camp in Arua and made it to Minembwe; others who followed them there include Kanyemera Claude, Ruhinda Bosco, Karemera Alex, etc.

If police wanted it could use the ongoing investigations to go after RNC recruiters who are roaming freely in many parts of Uganda. Except, of course, the likes of Rugema Kayumba and Mulindwa AbdulKarim, aka Mukombozi, who are assured of unwavering CMI protection.

This is the elaborate plan that CMI is trying to cover up using Soft Power. But Soft Power is not being soft with its lies and is being caught with its pants down.

It is increasingly becoming difficult for the CMI and Soft Power to spin what is now obvious to everyone: that CMI is facilitating the recruitment of RNC rebels.

CMI harassment of Rwandans:

The increased harassment, arrest, and torture of Rwandans in Uganda is part of a plan to intimidate Rwandans in Uganda who are not part of the plot to destabilize Rwanda. CMI has been arresting and framing innocent Rwandans and branding them operatives, or spies, of Rwanda.

The most publicized case has involved Rene Rutagungira who was kidnapped at a bar in Kampala and tortured for months in CMI torture facilities despite persistent denials to Rwandan officials that he was being held. Just recently Fidel Gatsinzi was also arrested in Kampala where he had gone to visit his son who is a student at Uganda Christian University in Mukono.

The only crime these and other innocent citizens have committed is to refuse to join Rugema and Mukombozi to terrorize their country. Therefore, the allegations of CMI that they are Rwanda’s spies are utter rubbish.

However, a pattern has emerged regarding CMI’s arrest of innocent Rwandans: It won’t surprise anyone when CMI starts claiming that Gatsinzi is also a Rwandan spy who is kidnapping and killing Rwandan refugees in Uganda – when in fact those they claim to have been kidnapped are RNC recruits they took for training.

This website has been covering Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC and its drive to recruit rebels amongst Rwandans in Uganda. The recruitment is overseen by Rugema Kayumba, a close relative of Nyamwasa, who is the RNC representative in Scandinavian countries and has been posted to Kampala to oversee this recruitment drive.

It has been heavily facilitated by the CMI with the direct involvement of Generals Abel Kandiho and Henry Tumukunde.

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