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Uganda finally comes clean on Mukankusi “passportgate” saga

By Alain Mucyo

Uganda government mouthpiece, New Vision on Friday announced that their government had finally cancelled the passport of Rwandan dissident Charlotte Mukankusi.

The cancellation of the passport is one of the conditions spelled out by the government of Rwanda last week during the third meeting of the ad hoc commission on the implementation of the Luanda MoU, aimed at normalizing relations between Uganda and Rwanda.

The New Vision story was later confirmed by State Minister for EAC, Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe, who was also the head of Rwanda’s delegation during the meeting.

“Yesterday, @UgandaMFA wrote a note verbale to @RwandaMFA acknowledging that Charlotte Mukankusi, RNC Commissioner for Diplomacy, had indeed received a Ugandan passport, which she was using for her terrorist activities,” he said on Twitter, before adding; “the passport was revoked.”

For close to a year now, Rwanda has maintained that Mukankusi was facilitated with a Ugandan passport number A000199979 which she has been using for her fundraising activities for the terrorist organisation.

RNC is led by Rwandan dissident Kayumba Nyamwasa and has been getting substantial support from Ugandan authorities for the past 10 years.

Uganda continuously dismissed this, and at some point through Chimpreports – a propaganda tool for Ugandan intelligence – tried to indicate that the passport was a forgery.

This attempt backfired as sections of Ugandans punched gaping holes in the Chimpreports narrative – which was even dismissed by Uganda immigration, the issuing office for passports.

When they failed to discredit the authenticity of the document, they changed tact, and altogether dismissed the fact that the passport was there in the fast place.

“Why did it take a year for Uganda to accept having issued passports to Rwandan enemies? Why did they wait for all this mess? Can’t Uganda Gov’t see that a lot of time and resources have been lost because of their miscalculation?” Questioned a one Steven Rwakoojo via social media app Twitter.

It must be reminded that Mukankusi was issued a Ugandan passport after her meeting with President Museveni, a meeting confirmed by Museveni himself in a letter to the press (which he nominally addressed to Rwandan President Paul Kagame) in March last year.

Following this new development announced on the morning of the meeting by the two heads of state and their facilitators at Gatuna border, readers are now pushing Uganda to expeditiously act on other demands made by Rwanda.

One such is the handing over to Rwanda of the two more terrorists who were part of the attack in villages of Musanze District in October last year, whose escape was facilitated by the Ugandan Army when RDF closed in on them.

Though Uganda has handed over two – Selemani Kabayija and Fidel Nzabonimpa – two more remain in Uganda; including “Captain” Nshimiye a.k.a Gavana, who commanded the attack in which at least 14 civilians lost their lives.

“Let Uganda hand them over as well,” said one commentator.

Others have also called for the Uganda to dismantle the “RNC Uganda Province” and it’s cells that have been established across Uganda “and desist from further supporting these terror groups, be it RNC, FDLR or RUD-Urunana.

“Most importantly, harassment of Rwandans should stop and this can only be achieved after the main architects of this harassment have been reigned in,” they said.

Here, the readers mean heads of Ugandan security organs including CMI boss Brig. Abel Kandiho and his deputy Col. CK Asiimwe, and ISO boss Kaka Bagyenda.

The other key facilitator of Rwandan terrorists is State Minister for Regional Affairs Philemon Mateke, who besides his overwhelming support to these terrorists, has superintendent over the abduction and torture of hundreds of Rwandans especially in Kisoro area, where he is born.

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