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Turayishimye and Nyirigira intensify efforts to peel members away from Nyamwasa’s RNC faction

By Moses Gisa

The disappearance of Ben Rutabana, left, is one of the several factors that have caused rupture in Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC. Consequently Nyamwasa (centre) has been losing followers to Jean Paul Turayishimye (right) his former right-hand man.

Information reaching Virunga Post is that there is an active campaign in Uganda to raise funds and resources for the new armchair terrorist group, Rwanda Alliance for Change, RAC – which was formed last month in Canada by former members of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress.

Led by RNC’s former head of research and intelligence, Jean Paul Turayishimye, RAC’s membership is composed of former members of Nyamwasa’s group who revolted against what they called “autocratic, corrupt tendencies by Nyamwasa.”

According to a Kampala-based source, Turayishimye – who ganged up with the former coordinator of “RNC Uganda Province committee”, “Pastor” Deo Nyirigira – is actively recruiting former RNC members in Uganda to join RAC. “Nyirigira is already using a recruitment and fundraising coordinator,” our source revealed. This coordinator and recruiter is said to be shuttling to Kakumiro District, urging Nyamwasa’s followers to ditch the senior terrorist and join Turayishimye.

According to sources in Uganda, there now is a list of new recruits of the Turayishimye group “whom Nyirigira and his group has managed to hoodwink into joining RAC. As if that is better than RNC!”, one source laughed. It is reported that the recruits into RAC are even willing to contribute money and maize, having publicly denounced Nyamwasa’s faction.

According to different sources Nyamwasa is a thieving man that is also a murderer. They bitterly blame him for the disappearance of Ben Rutabana, and, according to observers, that is what Turayishimye and Nyirigira have capitalized on, in their clandestine recruitment drive to take more members away from Nyamwasa and his faction. “Very soon RNC will remain the party of Nyamwasa, his wife and a few others in his family,” said @KalindaMwene, a prominent Rwandan Twitter account.

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This news website recently revealed an ugly divorce between Nyamwasa, his former right-hand man Turayishimye, Nyirigira, and others over the former’s failure to produce Rutabana. In between the infighting have been subtexts of betrayal, embezzlement of donor or member funds, and other skullduggery that has dredged an irreparable rift “in this bunch of scoundrels,” as another Rwandan social media account put it.

Sources from Kampala indicate, however, that things won’t be so easy for the RNC breakaway faction in Uganda, as the country’s main intelligence agency, the much-dreaded Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, remains loyal to Nyamwasa. Reliable news is that CMI has intensified operations to hunt down those crossing over to RAC. On June 12, thirty-six RAC recruits were arrested at Nama in Mityana District after they had attended a meeting. 

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Despite ongoing processes – initiated by Angola with DRC as an interested observer – to normalize relations between Rwanda and Uganda, Kampala has declined to dismantle terror networks, but has continued to work with Nyamwasa and his RNC, among others, in continued efforts to destabilize Rwanda.

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