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The story of a dubious man that spins dubious tales on a dubious “Radio”, Itahuka

By Robert Rutoma

DUBIOUS MAN: Theogene Rutayomba.

Few people come across as less informed about their subject as one Theogene Rutayomba – another one of those self-exiled Rwandans that, having chosen to make a mess of their lives home in Rwanda, choose to run to exile. Once there, these Tom, Dick and “Semanyenzis” will be sought out by hate media that thrives in the fringes of the Internet, to become self-proclaimed “experts” on Rwanda, on “democracy”, or on “human rights.”

Rutayomba alias Semanyenzi has fully taken advantage of this prevailing situation to elevate himself in these Internet fringes, on something called “Radio Itahuka”.

In his most recent appearance one of the shows to spew anti-Rwanda hate, Rutayomba fed his listeners what any sentient human will recognize as wild fantasies. “I carried the missiles that shot down the plane of Habyarimana,” claimed this man, making some wonder whether they had not accidentally listened to a descendant of Semuhanuka, also known as the greatest liar in Rwandan history.

Theogene Rutayomba is a fellow of dubious character, to everyone that knows him.

Born 53 years ago in neighboring Burundi, Semanyenzi is an army deserter. He fled Rwanda after “his character failed to conform to the professional standards of the RDF”, former colleagues testify. He chose to go the same route as the likes of Abdul Ruzibiza, “to waste their years in the West masquerading as ‘experts on Rwanda’ but peddling lies to whoever has some use for those lies,” his former colleague commented. Rutayomba currently lives in the small town of Euless, in the state of Texas, USA.

“But if Rutayomba thinks that he can peddle his lies about carrying missiles that shot down Habyarimana’s plane, he is a bit late to the game,” a Rwandan that heard his interview laughed. “Abdul Ruzibiza already took that cake, but even he couldn’t eat it!” Ruzibiza, who is deceased, sold his fictitious tale (that RPF shot down Habyarimana) to French “investigative judge” Jean Louis Bruguiere, who promptly issued international arrest warrants for the entire Rwandan military leadership.

But the tale of Bruguiere and Ruzibiza was as full of holes as a sieve. It became more laughable when it was exposed that one of Bruguiere’s witnesses was Bagosora. Wikileaks put the final nail in the French judge when it exposed his political agenda on behalf of the French establishment determined to discredit the RPF administration, at all costs. And now Rutayomba is trying to cover himself in glory in this dead and buried lie? People are laughing some more.

“Rutayomba is an individual who just cherishes attention. He would say or do anything just to direct attention to himself,” another former colleague of his commented. “He can’t stand to see anyone else around him get attention, for whatever reason.

“I am not surprised by the lies he says on those radios because he is capable of worse,” the colleague, who worked with him for a long time in the army, added.

Those who worked with him talk of a duplicitous character with a penchant for cutting corners even when the best option out of a difficult situation is to be straight forward. Those who grew up with him in Burundi intimated to this website that as a child, up until his teens, Rutayomba had this character of dishonesty that caused his peers to always regard him with suspicion.

One of Rutayomba’s close relatives recounted how Rutayomba would never hesitate to give false testimony that would get other boys into trouble. In his adulthood, while serving in the Rwanda Defense Force, he would accumulate debts but adamantly refuse to pay them off, which always put him at loggerheads with his colleagues.

According to a colleague who worked with him in the army, instead of clearing his debts when he got paid, he would hide himself for some days, only to resurface after spending the last cent of his salary. “By the time he left Rwanda, he owed money to almost everyone who interacted with him professionally or socially,” one of his former colleagues said.

Controversy and fraud are never far from where Rutayomba sets foot. This website is informed that upon settling in Texas, he could not desist from accumulating debt. Apparently he had only changed location, but not character. That is how he borrowed a substantial amount of US Dollars from an unsuspecting individual called Aloys Mpagaze, a Rwanda living in the same state. Seeing that recovering his money was a futile effort, Mpagaze took the matter to court in 2015, filing a debt collection lawsuit at the Tarrant Court in Texas before Judge Mike Hrabal. This website is yet to gather whether Mpagaze succeeded in collecting his debt through a court order.

Basically Rutayomba going on Itahuka Radio is a morally bankrupt character going on a morally bankrupt media. Birds of the same feather.

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