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The notorious CMI strikes again, “disappearing” yet more Rwandan nationals

By Jackson Mutabazi

More Rwandans have disappeared in Uganda, abducted by the dreaded Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), as has been the fate of so many other Rwandans.

Virunga Post has reliably learnt that three Rwandans, Jean Marie Iranyunva, Rameck Rukundo Niyonzima and Jonathan Rukundo were abducted by CMI on 18 February 2019 in Kampala where they had gone to attend a prayer meeting in the church of Pastor Robert Kayanja in Kololo. In true Ugandan intelligence agency fashion, these people have been held completely incommunicado. According to information this website has gathered, the three Rwandan citizens entered Uganda with all their documents in order and were expecting to spend a joyful time in prayer with fellow Christians in Kampala.

CMI continued its relentless persecution of Rwandans in Uganda when on 28 of February its operatives arrested six more Rwandan nationals, this time in Mbarara. These are Godefroid Ntikabavamo, Wilson Buregeya, Laurex Belly Remesha, Denis Kanabi, Benjamin Muyakana and Monica Kayesu. As usual the CMI operatives just took these Rwandans and “disappeared them”. They just take people in violation of all regional and international legal norms. Every Rwandan that falls into their clutches can expect to be physically (severely) abused, and psychologically scarred. Brutality is the calling card of CMI.

It has become one of the most dreaded things for a Rwandan to hear that his or her relative that has traveled to Uganda has been arrested. They will immediately be dreading the worst. They know Uganda has decided to sponsor anti-Rwandan forces that have declared war on Rwandan, and Rwandans in general – specifically all the country’s citizens that refuse to join their anti-Rwanda plan. RNC has teamed up with CMI to wreak terror on Rwandans travelling to Uganda, in what is a wider plan to deliberately sow instability in Rwanda.

Knowing what has been happening to Rwandan nationals that “disappear” in Uganda, the relatives of the six that went missing in Mbarara now are frantic with worry. They are fervently appealing for help to find their family members. They are hoping that the authorities can release their people before very long.

Rwanda has taken the decision to strongly advise its nationals against traveling to neighboring Uganda. According to a series of tweets by Foreign Affairs Minister Richard Sezibera, the decision is due to ongoing arrests, harassment and torture of Rwandans in Uganda. The minister listed more reasons as including incarceration without consular access, and deportations.

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