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The hands of Kandiho, and his master Museveni drip with the blood of countless innocent people

By Alex Muhumuza

There can be no doubt ADF is a creation of Ugandan ruler Museveni, whose hands, and those of his military Intelligence chief Abel Kandiho, drip with the blood of thousands of innocent people.

Kampala’s anti-Rwanda propaganda machine, in its desperation to promote their fabrication that “Rwanda works with ADF”, now has resorted to the lies of Theogene Rudasingwa aka Redcom. In article last Friday on the Commandonepost website – one of the main tools of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI – Rudasingwa is quoted at length regurgitating things you can be sure his CMI handlers fed him.

The propaganda website says: “Rudasingwa made quite useful revelations this week when he said he has credible information linking Rwanda’s top Military officers to Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorist outfit which has bases in Democratic Republic of Congo.” He goes on to issue more fabricated tall tales against Rwandan security forces, straight from CMI talking points.    

CMI head Abel Kandiho and his groups truly are on a fool’s errand!

There isn’t a gullible person can be deceived by this infantile propaganda.

Their so-called expert on ADF, Rudasingwa, last worked in any government capacity decades ago. Theogene Rudasingwa, who made his name as a conman called “Redcom” at Makerere University many years ago, now lives somewhere in self-exile in the West. Even as he approaches old age, Redcom is still surviving through con games, including taking crumbs from people like Kandiho to use his name in anti-Rwanda smears.

But whatever concocted smears CMI tries to sell, they will find it impossible to deflect ADF upon Rwanda. ADF is a creation of Museveni, which Museveni has kept around for decades, for his own criminal purposes. Museveni has never been interested in putting ADF out of action ever since it started in mid-western Uganda as a rebel movement against his regime in 1995.

Museveni likes to pretend that his government is fighting ADF. It is a sham. The Ugandan ruler in fact maintains the ADF, covertly, for two main purposes.

One is to always have a pretext to send his troops into DRC (with lies that Uganda is “fighting terrorism”), the real purpose being to enable Museveni and his brother Salim Saleh’s looting operations there. This is not mere speculation. Museveni and his brother are addicted to looting or plundering DRC. In 2005 the International Court of Justice found Uganda guilty of looting the Congo’s natural resources, and of crimes against humanity inflicted on Congolese villagers. The ICJ then ordered Uganda to pay Congo US$ 10 billion in damages.   

Secondly the ADF is a handy pretext for repression of Ugandan citizens.

Every time Museveni wishes to eliminate someone – the most recent example being Works Minister Katumba Wamala who in June this year survived an assassination attempt by gunmen on motorcycles who shot and wounded the general, and killed his daughter – the first thing is to accuse the ADF.

To maintain the pretense that he is “fighting ADF Islamist terrorists”, CMI or SFC start rounding up Muslim clerics, locking them up with no legal procedure, torturing them, and extra-judicially murdering others. That happened in the aftermath of the attempt on Katumba. It has been going on a long time, and it raises some very obvious questions: why are “suspects” never tried, so that the public listens to what they have to say?

How are Museveni’s CMI, SFC, or police able to so quickly “identify” suspects?

Once again in the wake of grenade blasts in Kampala on Tuesday last week Museveni’s security forces were executing people. Before a single investigation had been conducted CMI and SFC were hounding Muslims in the outskirts of the city. It was reported that three had already been shot in Nansana. Two days later, they handcuffed one Sheikh Muhammad Abbas Kirevu, and shot him dead, another extra-judicial murder perpetrated in broad daylight. They accused Kirevu of being an ADF recruiter.

But if they were sure of this, why did they execute him? Why execute a suspect?

These are the activities of a criminal state, pure and simple.

The hands of Museveni, and those of his military intelligence chief Abel Kandiho, are dripping with the blood of countless innocent Ugandans. The hands of the Kampala regime also are dripping with the blood of so many Congolese.

Museveni, with the ADF as the usual pretext of “fighting terrorism”, sends his UPDF. Museveni’s army together with the string of illegal armed militias he props up there, are the biggest cause of instability, all over eastern DRC. The greed of Museveni, Saleh, and minions like Kandiho for Congo’s resources, which they loot and traffic through Uganda openly, is behind much strife and bloodshed in that country.

The Museveni regime’s endless smears against Rwanda with ADF allegations are obvious attempts to deflect from their own crimes.

The lie won’t work even if they use a hundred Redcoms.   


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