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The fact of Kinyarwanda-speaking operatives working with Uganda’s CMI reported again by most recent victims

By Alex Muhumuza

RNC head Kayumba Nyamwasa’s operatives long ago infested Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, headed by Abel Kandiho (right).

It has once again been illustrated how Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, works with Kinyarwanda-speakers.

The latest to report this are two Rwandan nationals, Aimable Ndayishimye and Marie Kabahizi that were abducted in Mbarara by soldiers of UPDF 2nd Division – a group under Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI – and detained at Makenke Barracks in the town. The two, both students of Bugema University in Luweero, central Uganda, were arbitrarily arrested on Monday this week at a roadblock in Mbarara. They were pulled off a Jaguar company bus as they were coming back to Rwanda, and driven off to Makenke but were released five hours later after soldiers extorted them for 400,000 shillings.

The first thing they revealed to the media after they were out was that their interrogators spoke fluent Kinyarwanda. “Those men were Banyarwanda, without a doubt!” said Aimable.

Both him and Marie described how their interrogators spoke fluent Kinyarwanda.

They had observed the same thing that many Rwandan that have ever survived CMI’s torture dungeons have. CMI works with Rwandan operatives.

Those that closely follow news know how this came about.

When Ugandan president Museveni embarked on his (long failed) plan to destabilize the security of Rwanda, back in in the 90s, he connived with Kayumba Nyamwasa in the plot. That continued after Nyamwasa became a fugitive in South Africa where he founded RNC, and when RNC worked with Museveni’s security agencies to recruit for the terror outfit. For this, RNC worked hand in hand with Museveni’s security agencies, specifically CMI.

One method is to source recruits from refugee camps with Banyarwanda concentrations.

“Other than the few traitors that Nyamwasa took with him, this is how RNC gets its Kinyarwanda-speaking operatives,” said a security source that spoke off record, adding, “that’s how CMI’s project to destabilize Rwanda is infested with those that speak Kinyarwanda.”

It came to light long ago how closely intertwined CMI is with RNC when, in December 2017 Kayumba Rugema, a nephew of Kayumba Nyamwasa together with two men kidnapped Rwandan citizen Fidele Gatsinzi in the Ntinda suburb of Kampala. Rugema, a highly violent fellow that regularly directs violent invective against the leadership of Rwanda on Facebook, is a well-known RNC operative.

He was working with CMI agents when they abducted Gatsinzi, who was in Uganda to visit his son. With Rugema frothing around the mouth, the three men bundled the elderly Gatsinzi into their vehicle of dark-tinted glass, handcuffing and blindfolding him as they drove to Mbuya CMI headquarters.

Rugema – who subjected Gatsinzi to shouted interrogations with accusations of “spying for Rwanda” as they beat and subjected him to electric shock – however only was one of the Kinyarwanda speakers at Mbuya. Gatsinzi, who was so badly tortured that when they dumped him at Gatuna after two weeks he couldn’t walk, described all this. There are many Kinyarwanda speakers at CMI Mbuya headquarters.

The fate of Gatsinzi – an innocent man that suffered for no other reason than that the Ugandan regime was in bed with an anti-Rwanda terrorist group – was echoed by that of one Damascene Muhawenimana. Damascene, 37, had travelled to Kampala with his mother in February 2019 to look for Damascene’s brother who had gone missing in the Ugandan capital.

But once in Kampala, CMI operatives abducted him.

Damascene’s inquiries about his brother, one Kwizera, had taken him to the police station of Kajjansi in the outskirts of Kampala. At Kajjansi, where he arrived at midday and disclosed he was from Rwanda and that he was looking for his brother, they told him to come back at 5pm. When he did, it was only to be violently bundled into a vehicle by four men. The next thing Damascene knew, he was in a dungeon with the men beating him the way someone beats dried beans.  

Damascene said these were RNC people in the CMI-run torture dungeon. Other Banyarwanda he found detained there, some on the verge of death, told him so.

In fact his interrogators spoke Kinyarwanda. “They accused me of being a spy! I told them I was only looking for my brother,” Damascene said. “My surprise was how well they spoke Kinyarwanda; as well as me!”      

The recent revelations of Aimable and Marie only reconfirm what has for long been known: when it comes to the plot to destabilize Rwanda, CMI is RNC, and RNC is CMI.


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