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Terror outfit RRM joins the string of failed anti-Rwanda groups

By Joan Karera

Debris of the car burnt during one of MRCD-FLN armed attacks in Rwanda. RRM, a member of MRCD coalition sacked its vice president Kasim Butoyi Kabuto.

One of the armchair anti-Rwanda terror groups, the Rwandese Revolutionary Movement (RRM) has been hit with serious internal wrangles, according to reliable sources. In a press release issued on November 26, 2020, the group announced it had fired its vice-chairperson Kassim Kabuto Butoyi on accusations that “he had betrayed the ‘party’ because he was ‘working as an ally of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF).’” Our source said such accusations are known to be used by members of terrorist groups in efforts to cover up their failures.

Butoyi was the vice-president of RRM and held the same position in the MRCD coalition which was initially made up of four terrorist organizations; Parti Démocratique au Rwanda (PDR-Ihumure) of Paul Rusesabagina, Rwanda Dream Initiative (RDI-Rwanda Rwiza) of Faustin Twagiramungu, Rwandese Revolution Movement (RRM) of Callixte Nsabimana ‘Sankara’, and CNRD-Ubwiyunge which was recently expelled from the coalition.

“For sure these must be the most confused groups,” laughed a Kigali-based observer.

Before joining RRM Butoyi was the chairman of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) of Kayumba Nyamwasa in Cape Town, South Africa.

The press release announcing Butoyi’s firing said that he “chose to betray the ‘party’ working as an ally of the RPF, as found in his own audio recordings aimed at exposing the secrets of some of his co-workers which he sent to different people in various places.”

However, according to observers, since last year these anti-Rwanda terrorists have had a very tough time with their armed groups getting clobbered repeatedly, and many of their leaders captured and in custody to answer for their crimes. “It has reached a point whereby almost all of the remaining members are scared of their shadows, and see RPF everywhere,” said a social media post.

“On top of this, they know their plans to destabilize Rwanda have gone down the drain, and there is little doubt that even the remaining will be arrested to be made answerable for their crimes.

Dragging RPF into their failures is just delusional, our source said. “This Kabuto has always been a member of different terrorist organizations.”

RRM announced in the press release that Butoyi has been replaced by a renowned Genocide denier, Mukashema Esperance, known by many as a presenter on an online propaganda outlet, Ubumwe radio. Mukashema, who is based in The Netherlands, was on Rusesabagina’s payroll whereby she was getting US$ 300 per month to air anti-Rwanda misinformation.

The disintegration of this terror group comes following serious problems that each of the MRCD members is facing. FLN, the military wing of CNRD group which is hard at work inciting terrorism against innocent Rwandans has recently disintegrated into two groups. Rusesabagina’s PDR-Ihumure too is no more, following his arrest. And now RRM is disintegrating from its internal wrangles.

Analysts have repeatedly pointed out that the so-called “opposition groups” – which mainly have been created out of personal ambitions for power – can never last. “They have nothing to ‘oppose’. They just want to destabilize the country for selfish reasons, mostly ill-conceived ambitions for power, but also to distract from their crimes,” analysts comment.

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