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Samputu openly exposes his links with anti-Rwanda terrorist groups

By Fred Gashema

Jean Paul Samputu is squarely in the camp of those who want to destabilize Rwanda, and has revealed himself most recently

Jean-Paul Samputu, the Canada-based singer turned into another pseudo politician has publicly admitted being an active supporter of dissidents and terrorist groups; the very ones bent on destabilizing the security of Rwandans.

Samputu made his revelation last Sunday, November 7, 2021, while addressing family members of Ben Rutabana, the former RNC commissioner of mobilization during a night vigil held virtually on the zoom application and streamed live on “Radio Iteme”, a YouTube-based channel owned by another member of anti-Rwanda groups, Jean-Paul Turayishimiye. They were paying tributes to Ben Rutabana whom they believe was killed by RNC head Kayumba Nyamwasa and his brother-in-law Frank Ntwali. Rutabana has been missing for almost three years now, after he fell into the hands of RNC and CMI agents in Uganda.

While eulogizing Rutabana, among other things Samputu referred to him as “a hero whose deeds shall be remembered forevermore.” This eulogy is at odds with Samputu’s stance that he “has never been an enemy of Rwanda.”

When it was pointed out in the past that he was already in bed with terrorists, the musician strenuously protested and tried to deny it.

“But how can someone that claims he isn’t an enemy of Rwanda go on to praise Rutabana, a member of a terrorist organization that among other things perpetrated grenade attacks that killed innocent Rwandans,” a social media observer asked. “How can he call Rutabana’s deeds that they shall be remembered forever? Samputu can fool no one!”

Another Kigali-based observer who watched the night vigil on YouTube, added: “there can be no doubt what Samputu is, a person whose acts show that he indeed is an enemy of Banyarwanda.”

While Rutabana’s family, friends and relatives leveraged the night vigil into pinning his death to Nyamwasa and Museveni’s government, Samputu however tried to downplay the relationship in his eighteen-minute eulogy. Showing what a double-tongued operator he is, the musician openly praised Uganda for how “it has been a haven” for him.

The disgraced musician was dishonestly trying to absolve Kampala from blame – yet it is the very regime that Rutabana’s family was pinning for killing Ben Rutabana, working with Nyamwasa, which they did through CMI.

It is an open secret that Samputu was the mentorship of Museveni’s younger brother, Gen. Salim Saleh and officials in Uganda’s security organs, who guided Samputu to form a political party that claims to speak for genocide survivors.

Samputu has a long-standing relationship with the top authorities in Uganda that dates back to the late 1990s when the crisis between Uganda and Rwanda reached a boiling point following the Uganda-provoked Kisangani clashes, which saw UPDF clobbered three times.

Among the people Museveni recruited to Uganda in his anti-Rwanda plots at the time was Samputu who lived in Kampala under Museveni’s upkeep. Samputu would even frequent Museveni’s village home, Rwakitura. He spent close to four years there, during which he composed and sang a song he dedicated to Museveni in which he showers him with praise.

“Samputu therefore can in no way pretend that he isn’t in the camp of enemies of Rwanda,” said a Kigali source familiar with his workings.


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