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Rwandan students abducted were only let go after UPDF officers extorted them for money, even as CMI ordered 6 RUD-Urunana terrorists released from police custody

By Alain Mucyo

Aimable Ndayishimye and Marie Kabahizi, two Rwandan students at Bugema University in Luweero, central Uganda, that were illegally arrested by UPDF soldiers yesterday (Monday 18) on their way back home to Rwanda, were only released after UPDF extorted their people for money.

Latest information reaching our news desk is that the two Rwandan students arrested yesterday, Monday 18, in Mbarara, southwestern Uganda, were only released after their people gave money to Ugandan military officers.

The students, Ndayishimye Aimable 27, who hails from Rubavu District, and Kabahizi Marie, 25, of Gasabo in Kigali have been doing their studies at Bugema University in Luweero District in central Uganda.

Problems for them started when they were coming back home, when they came upon a roadblock manned by UPDF soldiers at Mbarara. Three UPDF soldiers stopped their bus (a Jaguar company bus), and forced the two Rwandans to move out. They then drove them off to Makenke Barracks, on no charges other than saying they were “going to Rwanda while the borders are closed.”

But Rwanda never closed any borders other than strongly advising its nationals – beginning in March 2019 – against crossing to Uganda as their safety couldn’t be guaranteed.

Ndayishimye, a student in accounting, went to Uganda in January 2019, the same month as Marie Kabahizi went. They went legally, through Gatuna Border.

Also when Ndayishimye and Kabahizi were coming back their travel documents were valid. “This means the soldiers that abducted them had no reason but to harass, and extort them,” a source familiar with the case told us.

Their ordeal in Makenke Barracks – the headquarters of UPDF 2nd Division which works with Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – lasted for five hours, but were lucky that the parent of Aimable sent a friend in Mbarara to Makenke Barracks to plead for the release of the students. “It was like a hostage negotiation,” our source revealed.

UPDF officers were extorting the victims for a sum of one million Ugandan shillings to release them. But, our source says, the friend of Aimable’s parent managed to persuade the soldiers to release their victims for 400,000 Ugandan shillings.

The Ugandan regime has for long been a sponsor of efforts to destabilize the security of Rwanda, and has been working by anti-Rwanda terrorist groups like Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC as proxies in this policy of hostility. Very many innocent Rwandan nationals have fallen victim to Ugandan regime hostility.

But even as the two innocent students were getting arbitrarily arrested, CMI was busy intervening for the release of six recruitment agents for the Rwandan terrorist group, RUD-Urunana. The terrorist operatives had been arrested in Kakumiro by police.

The latest is that the six RUD-Urunana terrorists have been released on orders of CMI.

After Aimable and Marie were released they disclosed that in Makenke Barracks they had found one Rwandan family, composed of six of members, who too were arbitrarily arrested on their way to Rwanda. They disclosed that the vehicle of the family was parked in Makenke with luggage inside.

The students also said that most of UPDF officers who handled them in Makenke speak fluent Kinyarwanda.

Uganda security organs, most notably CMI, continue to harass Rwandan nationals with abductions, followed by illegal detention, incommunicado, and are allowed neither family nor consular visits. Many have been tortured for lengthy periods of time, with some losing their very lives. Many others are dumped, in continued illegal acts by Uganda, which so far has shown it respects neither local, nor international laws.

Yet others are robbed of their property, or have to pay extortion funds.


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