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Rwandan man victimized, murdered in Kisoro

By Patience Kirabo

Emmanuel Baragahoranye, a Rwandan national was tortured and murdered in Uganda.

A Rwandan national, Emmanuel Baragahoranye, 44, has been murdered in Uganda, and his body found dumped, lifeless, on a potato field the preceding weekend.

Late last week, Rwandan authorities received news of the death of Baragahoranye – who hailed from Nyundo Sector in Rubavu District – a man that those who knew him describe as “innocent of any wrong doing in his life.” The deceased’s body was found in Murora LCI, Karambi Village in Uganda’s Kisoro District.

It is reported that Baragahoranye had been peacefully living and working in Kisoro until the July 3, 2020 when out of the blue some Ugandans attacked, and beat him severely, leaving him helpless and in an unconscious state. However, he later was able to recuperate and go on with his work as usual.

In recent years, the environment in Uganda has become very hostile for Rwandan citizens after Kampala embarked on plots to destabilize Rwanda’s security. “The Ugandan regime has been working with terrorist groups like RNC, FDLR, RID-Urunana in is anti-Rwanda plots,” said a Rwandan official that preferred anonymity. “Naturally in this hostile environment, Rwandan civilians, and even Ugandans with Rwandan roots have suffered the consequences.”

In Baragahoranye’s case his tormentors weren’t about to give up, until they made sure to kill him. In a place like Kisoro, which is represented by Philemon Mateke, the Ugandan Minister for Regional Affairs, life is even much tougher for Rwandans, as anyone that has been following the strained relations between Kampala and Kigali knows. Mateke has been revealed as the Ugandan regime appointed coordinator of the aforementioned RUD-Urunana, RNC and FDLR.

“As one can imagine, Mateke has done a lot to disseminate anti-Rwanda hate in Kisoro,” the official remarked.

For Baragahoranye, once he was targeted, the goal was to finish him off. The assailants finally did so late last week, discarding his body in the potato farm.

Uganda has yet to report details of the victim’s murder.

Over the years, a number of Rwandan citizens have been killed, and dumped in unknown graves without a word to their home country.

Early February, this year, for instance Gasore Semukanya, 36, died in Kisoro District, with Ugandan officials claiming that his body was discovered “hanging in a forest.” But the authorities did not bother to investigate, “something that showed they knew the details of his death, and the circumstances that led to it,” commented a source from the Kinyarwanda-speaking community in the area.

Murder is the most gross of the abuses among many that Rwandans in Uganda have suffered. They have suffered arbitrary arrests and illegal detentions incommunicado. They have been arbitrarily thrown in prisons with no trial, on varied concocted charges: “espionage”, “illegal entry”, “illegal weapons possession”, and others, yet none is ever given a chance to defend themselves in court. Those with luck on their side have been dumped after torture in the dungeons of Ugandan security agencies.

Now another man has lost his life, just because of being a Rwandan.

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