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Rwandan man Niyibizi languishes in CMI dungeons for no crime, with no charges

By Patience Kirabo

Daniel Niyibizi, the latest Rwandan victim of Uganda’s anti-Rwanda hostility is languishing in illegal detention in Uganda, though he has committed no crime. He has been victimized just because of his nationality. He was with his wife and two young children while in transit to Rwanda from Malawi. The Ugandan security authorities would immediately dump at Gatuna.

According to sources familiar with the case, Niyibizi has been in CMI’s illegal detention for six months now.

Their ordeal happened in June this year in Isingiro District of Mbarara. Since his arbitrary arrest he has been tossed from one torture dungeon, to prison, to the CMI dungeon in Mbuya, to another dungeon, seemingly endlessly.

The UPDF soldiers who abducted Niyibizi, on June 06 2021, took him to a Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) camp in Nakivale for a day, and then transferred to Mbarara Prison. He spent five days there. After Mbarara they then drove him to CMI headquarters in Mbuya, for interrogation with torture. Later on still, they took him to Kireka CMI police cells, where he languished three months suffering torture including starvation.

On October they again transferred Niyibizi, this time to Makenke Barracks in Mbarara, where he languished for a month, and on November 3rd, he was taken back to Mbarara Police station where he was last heard from.

According to Niyibizi’s wife Marie Claire Umutoniwase, the soldiers who abducted them first confiscated all their belongings; their money, as well as the car they were driving en-route home to Rwanda.

To date Niyibizi, a victim of the lawlessness of Ugandan security forces, is still languishing in Ugandan detention with no official communication to the Rwandan Government, or its high commission in Kampala.


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