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Rwandan man brutally stabbed to death in Kabale

By Patience Kirabo

Rwandan citizen Theoneste Dusabimana, 52, was today – Monday 30 – in the morning around 10:30 found dead with multiple stab wounds. That happened in the Kibumba Parish of Karujanga Sub County in Uganda’s Kabale district.

National Identification Card of Theoneste Dusabimana who was stabbed to death in Kabale.

Dusabimana was found lying in a pool of blood by a Ugandan police officer about 700 meters away from the Rwanda border, from the village of Kagugu, in the Rubaya sector of Gicumbi District.

It was apparent that Ugandan security authorities had murdered Dusabimana, sources familiar with the incident said. They victimized Dusabimana, who has been a resident of Kabale for some time, when he was murdered on his way to Rwanda. According to sources, the killers robbed the deceased of a million Rwandan francs, and his belongings were taken from his lifeless body with.

The 52-year-old is the third Rwandan in two months to fall victim to the premeditated cold-blooded murders targeting Rwandans in Uganda. Dusabimana’s ordeal is similar to that of Bazambanza Munyemana who too lived in Kabale, and was brutally killed early in June this year. Bazambanza was beaten and burnt to death, and his body was tied on sticks and dumped by his Ugandan assailants near the Rwandan border.

The security authorities in Uganda have all the permission they need from the Museveni regime to harass, or persecute Rwandan nationals as for years Kampala has mounted a campaign of hostility against Rwanda, and Rwandan nationals which by now is well known to all.

Every murder of Rwandans – like all other brutal crimes against innocent Rwandan nationals in Uganda – is never investigated. The security agencies of Uganda, foremost the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence have full impunity to inflict any crime against Rwandans, in contravention of all laws: national, regional, or international.

It was reported that Dusabimana’s body was still at the crime scene, with Ugandan authorities issuing no communication.


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