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Rwandan in Kisoro almost killed following Ugandan leadership’s call to kill Rwandans

By Jackson Mutabazi

A Rwandan citizen, Ndayambaje Phinias, 31, of Burera District almost lost his life after Ugandans from Kisoro assaulted him. This followed calls by a messenger of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to people in Kisoro, one Capt. Peter Mugisha, instructing them “to take revenge upon Rwandans”. 

Ndayambaje’s ordeal took place in the afternoon of yesterday, Friday 31 January when five Ugandans attacked him in his garden and cut him all over the body – in the head, arms and legs – with machetes, and beat him with metallic bars.  

Ndayambaje who hails from Cyanika Sector was working in his garden, which is just inside the Ugandan District (and which he and his family legally own) when the Ugandans attacked him. He had gone to tend to his garden in which he and his family planted maize when, at around 4pm, the five men fell upon him with their weapons. “Why are you in our country!” they shouted as they assaulted him. 

But he somehow managed to run away and hide himself in the bush.

Ndayambaje did not steal that land; he and his family had legally own it. People in the area say that is not something unusual. They say also several Ugandan peasants from the Ugandan side own plots of land on the Rwandan side, farm there, and no one attacks them.  

According to reliable sources, President Museveni’s messenger was very clear: “kill any Rwandan you come across!”

Ndayambaje somehow managed to stagger into the Cyanika Border this morning, Saturday 1 February. He is receiving emergency medical care in Ruhengeri Hospital



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