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Rwandan dies in Uganda, thanks to brutal anti-Rwanda climate

By Alain Mucyo

The latest person to succumb to brutal anti-Rwanda environment in Uganda is 37-year old Bosco Mwiseneza, originally of Cyanika Sector, Burera District. He died this Tuesday, 19 February.

According to his brother Benon Twishimye who lived with him in Kisoro, Uganda, Mwiseneza died in the town where they were resident for five years.

The deceased’s brother took him to Kiboga Hospital in the Ugandan town. But once there he was refused treatment. The denial of urgently required medical care was, according to Benon, just because the patient is a Rwandan.

Distraught family members decried the callous attitude of the health authorities in the hospital.

“It is really sad that the hospital staff could not treat him,” said Benon who was too distraught for words.

Benon said they were told that once in Kiboga Hospital the hospital staff repeatedly told the patient that the hospital was short of drugs.

Kisoro District is the home region of Uganda’s state minister for regional cooperation Philemon Mateke, a man that has demonstrated his enmity for Rwanda, and Rwandans in many ways. Mateke was the coordinator of a deadly terrorist attack in Kinigi District in October last year that killed 14 people and injured a number of others.

When Rwandan security swung into action, killing 19 of the RUD-Urunana terrorists and capturing five alive, the latter implicated Mateke during interrogation afterwards. The Ugandan minister had coordinated the attack. Rwandan authorities have shown how evidence retrieved from the scene of the attack, including phone handsets pointed to Mateke as being in contact with the RUD-Urunana terrorists before, and during the attack.

Mateke is someone with an anti-Rwanda ideology, those that know him well have said many times.

The Ugandan minister, who also has been the Kampala regime’s coordinator of anti-Rwanda forces such as RNC and FDLR, has also been closely involved in having innocent Rwandans jailed. A notable incident was last year when a dozen Rwandans – who had been released from “safe houses” run by Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – were transferred to Kisoro.

From there, they were supposed to have been sent on their way home to Rwanda, as they had already spent eighteen months in illegal custody – having never been accorded due process, or charged with anything.

But any Rwandan not ready to join anti-Rwanda rebel, or terrorist groups will tend to have problems with Mr. Mateke. The minister had the twelve re-arrested. That happened in October 2019.

The family members of the dozen Rwandans looked on in shock as Mateke entered the courtroom and “interacted with the judge for a length time”, according to sources that were present. The Kisoro magistrate there and then ordered the twelve locked up for another eighteen months, allegedly for illegal entry.

Commentators are not surprised that any Rwandan will not get treatment. “This after all is the place where they have been rounding up hundreds of Rwandans to lock them up incommunicado, why would they help a sick one?” commented a person familiar with Mwiseneza’s case.

When the deceased’s health deteriorated, his brother hired a motorcycle taxi, which dropped them by the no-man’s land by Cyanika One Stop Border Post.

“Mwiseneza was so sick that he could neither sit down nor talk,” said a family source who was at Cyanika to receive him. The family members had been told by Benon to come receive them. The Rwandan border security officials immediately arranged for an ambulance to take the patient to Cyanika Hospital.

“But when we got there, he was in critical condition and he was immediately transferred to Ruhengeri Referral Hospital, but unfortunately he died upon arrival,” said a relative sadly.

“The ride on the motorcycle for a person who was already critical, only worsened his condition; I wonder why a whole hospital – if they had failed to treat a patient – could not arrange for decent transportation?” lamented another family member.

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