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Rwandan bus violently targeted in Uganda

By Jackson Mutabazi

Peter Rwiza.

A Rwandan bus has been attacked in Uganda, leaving the conductor Peter Rwiza – a Rwandan national – fighting for his life in hospital.

The incident happened at a place called Bukinda in Kabale District when a Volcano company bus, registration no. RAD 251M was waylaid by someone that threw a heavy stone at its windscreen at 33 minutes past midnight. That was in the morning of today, 24 September.

The conductor was seriously injured in the face and lost teeth while passengers were very lucky that the stone didn’t hit the driver, according to eyewitnesses.

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This incident is one more in an overflowing list of hostile acts against Rwandan nationals, or their property in Uganda. The government of the neighboring country has – through its close alliance with groups sworn to destabilize Rwanda such as Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC – been waging a war on the nationals of Rwanda by persecution, harassment, numerous illegal arrests on charges of “illegal entry”, “espionage”, or “illegal weapons possessions” for which no one is ever tried, and illegal detention.

They kidnap innocent Rwandans; throw them into CMI torture dungeons where many have sustained permanent physical and psychological injuries. “Ugandan security agencies have been persecuting Rwandans so much, it is very possible now they are deploying thugs along routes where Rwandan buses pass to target them, such as the stone incident that could easily have caused a really serious accident,” said a border security agent that requested anonymity as he didn’t speak in an official capacity.

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Uganda has continued to dilly-dally on fulfilling terms of the MoU signed by Presidents Kagame and Museveni on 21 August, last month in Angola. One of the provisions of the MoU were to come into effect upon signature: the freeing from illegal or irregular imprisonment; or freedom from persecution of the citizens of one country by the other.

Only Kampala through its security agencies has abducted, jailed, criminally tortured, or abused the rights of the citizens of a neighbor in various ways. These are the hundreds upon hundreds of Rwandans, many doing slave labor in Kabale, Kisoro, Lyantonde and other prisons; and scores of others languishing in CMI’s Mbuya Military Barracks, and its Kireka Police Facility.

These are places where one of the main goals of torture is to extract forced confessions of “espionage”, or forceful recruitment for the RNC rebel group.

The Ugandan leader signed the MoU, but CMI then only released 32 Rwandans (for PR purposes!), “to try to hoodwink the world that Uganda was implementing the MoU!” The act also exposed the highly duplicitous nature of the Ugandan administration, which for close to three years has been claiming it holds no illegally detained Rwandans. So, where did the 32 come from?!, everyone was asking.

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“What the MoU means is, release all innocent Rwandans – or give them a chance at a fair trial to defend themselves against the concocted charges of Uganda’s thuggish security agencies!” said a Kigali analyst.

The analyst added: “and that is even before Kampala has made one move to dismantle the RNC networks in Uganda; the RNC businesses in which Museveni and his brother are shareholders; the RNC’s participation in thuggish operations targeting innocent Banyarwanda; the RNC’s partnership with Ugandan security officials in places like Mbarara, a major example being Maj. Mushambo, head of UPDF Second Division Counterintelligence, and similar!”

Instead hostility against Rwandans continues; such as the targeting of Rwandan registered vehicles with heavy stones. It is a travesty!, said the border security source.

Rwiza the conductor of the bus was rushed to Mbarara Hospital in a critical condition.

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