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Rwanda did not need “Pegasus” to know that Museveni was in bed with Rwanda’s enemies

By Alex Muhumuza

Museveni through a bunch of proxy groups facilitated by Ugandan military intelligence, CMI (under Maj. Gen. Kandiho) have tried to destabilize Rwanda for long. Despite the misinformation of Museveni’s propaganda machine, Kigali never needed any sophisticated spyware to expose his machinations.

To see the uproar of anti-Rwanda slanders by Museveni regime propagandists in the wake of the faux Pegasus spyware scandal, you again have to shake your head in wonder at these people’s brazenness. We saw how all of their misinformation websites: Commandonepost, Softpower, Chimpreports, The New Vision newspaper, Facebook accounts with names like “Rpf Gakwerere”, or social media accounts those run by the likes of Sulah Nuwamanya, their Twitter accounts, and everyone allied to Kampala were piling upon Rwanda for alleged usage of the Pegasus spyware.  

But Rwanda has never had any need of Pegasus to expose the countless incidents of Kampala’s aggressions against Rwanda; of its colluding with negative, anti-Rwanda elements everywhere and in every way; of economic sabotage; of sabotage of regional development initiatives by which Rwanda as a country would benefit.

Let’s go back to the beginnings of RNC, when the traitorous Kayumba Nyamwasa decided to go into self-imposed exile, but in the pocket of Museveni.

Rwanda had no need of Pegasus to learn that on February 2010 a delegation from Kampala, led by Gen. Salim Saleh and Gen. Kale Kayihura, the then IGP, came to pick Nyamwasa after he used a porous border crossing, a panya route, to enter Uganda. This among other things confirmed that Nyamwasa had been Museveni’s man all along in Kigali, even as he had held such high offices as army commander. Nyamwasa was a fifth columnist working against the interests of his own country, and as part of Museveni’s plot to install a puppet ruler in Kigali. 

When that failed and Nyamwasa got exposed, hence fleeing to Uganda, it was only to head to South Africa – with the assistance of Uganda of course – from where he and Patrick Karegeya later formed RNC, in December 2010, still with the involvement of Uganda.

So, how do the Kampala regime propagandist spin that?

Can they pretend that Rwanda was using “Pegasus” back then, eleven years ago?

Also, a few years later in 2013 one Cpl. Joseph Nshimiyimana aka Camarade of FDLR testified in court that in a meeting at Mamba Point Bar in Kampala, Lt. Joel Mutabazi of RNC and Col. Jean Marie of FDLR planned terror operations to disrupt the September 2013 parliamentary elections in Rwanda, and disrupt Christmas and New Year festivities.

As a result of that plotting terrorists detonated a grenade in the Kicukiro market that killed two people. No spyware was required to implicate Mutabazi. His computer – which he was with when Uganda Police (before it too was co-opted into anti-Rwanda operations) handed him to Rwanda in a bilateral exchange – implicated him. The evidence showed Mutabazi had coordinated the grenade attack from across the border, in Kabale.

Also, Mutabazi’s computer contained detailed plans for assassinations of senior Rwandan government officials, with information implicating the authorities in Kampala in that plot.

No spyware was ever used in finding out these things.

Rwanda has said it has no use for the Pegasus spyware because, it said, the technology is very expensive, and secondly Kigali possesses no technical ability to utilize it.

The most public demonstration that Rwanda needs no sophisticated spyware to implicate Uganda in egregious acts of aggression came after the October 2019 attack in Kinigi by RUD-Urunana terrorists who operated in the borderlands straddling Uganda, DRC, and Rwanda.

In that attack, the terrorists killed 14 innocent people before security forces killed 19 of them and captured five alive. These would reveal that the attack had been coordinated by Ugandan regional cooperation minister Philemon Mateke. Evidence collected on the scene, namely phone handsets, revealed a Ugandan number had been in touch with the commander of the terrorists, “Gavana”, before and during the attack. A simple call to the number revealed it belonged to Mateke – the man who among other things Museveni long ago tasked with “harmonizing” the activities of his various proxy terrorist groups against Rwanda

Kigali has never required anything like Pegasus to get to the bottom of any of the Ugandan ruler’s machinations, often perpetrated through his Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, headed by Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho.  

Stay tuned for more details on this issue.

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