Home Politics Rutabana's sister blasts Nyamwasa over statements about her brother’s disappearance

Rutabana’s sister blasts Nyamwasa over statements about her brother’s disappearance

By Moses Gisa

Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa finds himself in hot waters after issuing misleading statements that missing RNC terrorist Ben Rutabana is in Rwanda. Rutabana’s Sister Gwiza (right) and other family members pin Nyamwasa.

Missing RNC member Ben Rutabana’s sister Tabitha Gwiza has warned Kayumba Nyamwasa over “orchestrating a media propaganda effort to mislead the public” on the disappearance of her brother. Before Rutabana’s disappearance, he was RNC “commissioner for capacity building.”

“It’s now almost a year without Rutabana, but those responsible for his disappearance continue to mislead the world that Rutabana is in Rwanda, but his fate is only known by Nyamwasa and Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) head Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho,” said Gwiza, adding, “the two should stop trying to fool people and produce our brother dead or alive!”

Speaking on one of the many YouTube channels Iteme TV – which was started by Jean Paul Turayishimye, a former high-ranking henchman of Nyamwasa who has led a breakaway faction from RNC – the irate Gwiza repeatedly took Nyamwasa to task to produce Rutabana.

Calling the South Africa-based Nyamwasa “a traitorous and corrupt character that has failed in all aspects of leadership”, Gwiza fulminated that all RNC members – whom she claims have been taken hostage by Nyamwasa – should all abandon him to join the new breakaway group led by Turayishimye: Rwanda Alliance for Change.

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Recently Nyamwasa and one Ali Abdul Karim, an RNC “spokesperson”, have taken to the online Radio Itahuka (known in many circles as an “online RTLM”)to claim that Rutabana is in Rwanda, and that “he has been in constant communication with his family.” According to Rutabana family members ‘these naked lies expose the type of snake Nyamwasa is!’ He and Kandiho know where Rutabana is, but Nyamwasa lies so openly!”

On their part, ordinary Rwandans watching the fallout out between the overseas-based terrorist groups is offering a lot of amusement. “Let them kidnap or kill each other. Let Rutabana, and Rutabana family members now feel the pain such as innocent Rwandans have suffered from the terrorism Rutabana has been part of,” more than one social media commentator has remarked – on Facebook and Twitter.

Rutabana went missing in Uganda on 8 September 2019. Prior to his trip to Uganda from Brussels where he and his wife are permanent residents, Rutabana had been engaged in a bitter altercation with Nyamwasa, with the latter being accused of mismanagement of RNC funds, of corruption, and nepotism, among other issues.

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Recently a report by an American NGO, Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI), blamed Rutabana’s disappearance on Nyamwasa, and CMI boss Abel Kandiho.

Both Nyamwasa and Kandiho are said to have panicked after it emerged that details of the report pinned them for Rutabana’s disappearance. “Rutabana was a host of Uganda, and Uganda will not run away from that fact,” said a Kigali-based security analyst. “Uganda will not run away from the fact Rutabana went missing on her soil, and Nyamwasa together with Kandiho are accountable, no other way to look at it,” he added.

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