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Rutabana family members’ letter an indictment of Nyamwasa’s traitorous nature

By Alex Muhumuza

Family members of Benjamin Rutabana (left) are accusing RNC head Kayumba Nyamwasa (center) of being behind the disappearance of Rutabana. Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, headed by Brig. Gen. James Kandiho (right), is reported to have abducted Rutabana on Nyamwasa’s behalf.

Huge rifts are being exposed in Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, with emerging reports that top leaders of the terrorist group – namely Nyamwasa and his close relatives Frank Ntwari (brother in law) and Rugema Kayumba (nephew) – are either eliminating, or “disappearing” those they disagree with in the group.

Benjamin Rutabana, the head of RNC’s “Capacity Development Commission” is the latest to disappear.

The man is nowhere to be found, according to his family members who have written and released a letter that’s circulating in cyberspace. This letter – which is addressed particularly to one Jerome Nayigiziki, RNC “General Coordinator”, but which going by the content is meant for Nyamwasa and his inner circle – lays bare the true criminal, but disorganized, nature of RNC analysts said.

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The letter charges the RNC leadership, “to promptly return Rutabana to his family in Belgium!”

All signs are that Rutabana, who’s been incommunicado for close to a month – according to his family members – was abducted while in Uganda. Nyamwasa’s close lieutenants Ntwari and Rugema, using their powers in Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) are responsible for the man’s disappearance.

One Noble Marara speaking on the incendiary, anti-Rwanda “Radio Inyenyeri” – and who also happens to know RNC in and out, having been a long time member – has disclosed: “Rutabana not only is captive to RNC operatives in Kampala. But they abducted him with the help of CMI!”

Usually Marara would be smearing Rwanda, claiming Kigali was “behind the crime”. But even he couldn’t bring himself “to lie on behalf of Nyamwasa”, whom he accuses of “betrayal of all members of RNC”; of “nepotism”; of “unbelievable corruption”, and other nefarious things.

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Interestingly these are the very things that other disgruntled former members of RNC, such as the opportunistic Theogene Rudasingwa, who only speaks the truth when it suits his interests, has been saying about Nyamwasa.

“But now he is busy killing the same people that were on his side!” said Marara during the Radio Inyenyeri interview, adding: “do you think he will let Rutabana out alive? So that he spills the beans on what’s happened to him in custody? Impossible!”

A former Rwandan military officer with long time knowledge of Nyamwasa said, “Rutabana is just one! They will all find out what they should have known before: Kayumba is very ambitious for power and completely traitorous. He can’t work with other people; only relatives that fully obey him!”

Marara who was a long time senior member of RNC disclosed that Rutabana had for some time been questioning why Kayumba put people like Ntwari and Rugema in charge of all the important operations, “yet these people not only were Nyamwasa’s family members but also were, in Rutabana’s view, ‘mere juniors in security matters’!”

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Nyamwasa and “his boys” hated Rutabana and, according to inside information, they disagreed violently – especially whenever Rutabana questioned the RNC boss about misuse of funds contributed to RNC.

According to sources, the nature of Rutabana’s quarrels with Nyamwasa was the same as Karegeya’s – before the latter died – violent disagreements with him (Nyamwasa). On 26 October 2013 for instance, an election for RNC leadership posts first brought to light the intrigue and conniving with which Nyamwasa intended to run the group.

He wanted Ntwari in the RNC Executive Committee, something that Karegeya angrily objected to. That was one thing. Another was that Nyamwasa wanted strategy to center around himself, with little “decentralization of power” as it was.

The men almost came to blows, so much so that it was agreed they shouldn’t attend the meeting to take place next day, scheduled at the Devonshire Hotel in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Not very long after these fierce wrangles Karegeya was found dead.

Now Rutabana is incommunicado, and his family is panicked and asking RNC to account for him. In the wake of their letter, reports were doing the rounds last Friday, 4 October that Rutabana either has been killed, or he is being tortured in Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) dungeons.

The writers of the letter – including his wife Diane, and relatives Tabitha Mugenzi, William Mugenzi, Jason Muhayimana among others – are adamant that Rutabana is in custody of RNC operatives.

The letter (dated 2 October 2019) says Benjamin Rutabana left Brussels – where he lives with his family – aboard an Emirates flight to Entebbe on 4 September 2019, and landed the following day, 5 September after a brief stopover in Dubai. Rutabana was supposed to be due back in Brussels on 20 September – last month. He never returned.

The letter says it has been 24 days since he last was in contact either with his wife or any family member.

What had the man gone to do in Uganda? They are silent on that part.

For observers of RNC activities however it isn’t that difficult to know.

Rutabana was in the country because Kampala is the de-facto operations base of RNC – a group that’s Museveni’s main proxy in his long-term plans to destabilize Rwanda, and install a puppet regime in Kigali.

Rutabana has been in Uganda several times before, on RNC missions.

Kampala in its anti-Rwanda hostility maintains wide-ranging support for Nyamwasa’s group. This includes recruitment operation for rebel fighters, in which CMI is very closely involved. It includes use of Ugandan state media, as well as multitudes of Ugandan intelligence-sponsored fake news websites and troll social media accounts in a wide-ranging propaganda war against Kigali. And all this in addition to according red-carpet treatment to every visiting high-ranking RNC official – including Nyamwasa, Tribert Rujugiro, David Himbara, Charlotte Mukankusi, Eugene Gasana, Leah Karegeya, amongst several individuals.

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In September last year, Ben Rutabana visited Kampala, and he too was “accorded treatment worthy of a visiting state dignitary,” according to reports.

Second Lieutenant Jack Erasmus Ngabirano, an officer with the Internal Security Organization, ISO was attached to Rutabana for protocol duties. He, according to sources, was in Uganda to get first hand appraisal of RNC recruitment activities. Maj. Mushambo, the UPDF Second Division Counterintelligence officer in Mbarara personally took him “for a field visit to meet fresh RNC recruits.”

Fast-forward a year later and the intelligence agencies of Kampala have turned upon the man.

This website has repeatedly exposed the considerable influence Nyamwasa’s operatives have in CMI – on which Rwandans in Uganda are to be abducted; to be illegally jailed or tortured either in the agency’s main dungeon at Mbuya Military Barracks, or in the numerous “safe-houses” all over Uganda.

“Kinyarwanda-speaking men are in charge of torture in CMI!”, more than one victim of horrendous physical abuse has said, disclosing that the same torturers were RNC recruiters, always telling victims, “if you agree to join RNC, this pain will end and you will get a good life!”

It is as if Nyamwasa’s group and CMI are one and the same!, observers have remarked many times.

CMI and RNC operatives always travel together in the same dark-tinted vehicles when abducting Rwandans. It is as if Nyamwasa calls the shots in CMI!, many have remarked.

This analysis is borne out by some quotes in the letter, which says Rutabana was threatened by Nyamwasa’s men that, “if he ever set foot in Uganda again he would be arrested!”. It adds that this followed a period when Ntwari had “consistently shown animosity towards Ben.”

The quote in the letter prompted readers to comment: “how low and cheap Uganda is for its intelligence organs to be used like this!” or, “What kind of hold has Nyamwasa got on the Ugandan security establishment to display this level of arrogance!”

Whatever the case, other Rwandans were drinking in celebration to Rutabana’s troubles.

“Let this RNC bastard feel the torture that so many innocent Rwandans have suffered; more will find themselves in that situation, just wait!”, one man laughed.


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