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Rusesabagina’s overseas people attempt to incite subversion with hateful propaganda

By Joan Karera

Kitty Kurth who speaks for terror suspect Rusesabagina’s Chicago-based organization with attempts to threaten the Rwandan government by issuing ultimatums

The Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation, an organization now dedicated to spreading misinformation that “Rwanda wrongly arrested and tried Paul Rusesabagina”, working together with his family has claimed it is “mounting new efforts to secure his release.” They made this call at the beginning of this month, and is if to incite subversion they are “urging people to act.”

In the press conference, Kitty Kurth the Chicago-based spokesperson of the Rusesabagina Foundation appeared to be issuing threats or ultimatums. “If by this week (the first week of October) Rusesabagina is not released we will boycott Rwanda, call on business people to stop doing business in Rwanda, and request international organizations to stop aid given to Rwanda.”

She issued these statements to an audience following live on Facebook.

“These people should know that Rwanda is a sovereign state with an impartial judiciary and cannot be influenced by their hateful propaganda,” said a Kigali-based analyst. He added: “they are free to issue threats to Rwanda in their individual capacity. But the fact remains that Rwanda has a government elected by Rwandans, which has the mandate to protect them. Arresting a suspect on terrorism is exactly what as a responsible government it has to do and ultimatums by friends of suspects can never change anything.”

The Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation was founded purportedly “to raise awareness about peace, truth and reconciliation in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and provide assistance to genocide survivors mainly orphans.” But the true purpose of Rusesabagina’s foundation is as a facade to conceal the terrorism activities for which he has been arrested. It is also a useful tool to raise money in the West from groups of individuals, some who may think it is going to assist widows of orphans.

But the record shows that this money ends up funding his MRCD-FLN terror groups. During Rusesabagina’s initial court hearing last month Rusesabagina admitted that he sent money amounting up 20,000 Euros to FLN and $3,000 to “Gen.” Irategeka the former leader of the National Council for the Democratic Renewal (CNRD). The Belgian Police too had shared many documents with Rwanda, detailing different fundraising and money transfer activities that were carried out by Rusesabagina and his people, aimed at sustaining FLN operations. 

FLN, the armed wing of MRCD among other things has perpetrated two attacks in southwest Rwanda in 2018 that left five people dead, several injured, some vehicles burnt, and property looted.

Rusesabagina’s supporters, including those overseas that work for his foundation, are fighting a losing battle because all the evidence pins him, unless what they really are fighting for is impunity, our source added.

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