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Rujugiro to stop payments to “ineffective” Himbara

Jean Gatera

Tribert Rujugiro (right), the top financier of Rwandan terrorist network RNC and Canada based fugitive David Himbara (left).

Watchers of anti-Rwanda propaganda activity have noticed a shift in the modus operandi of Anti-Rwandan campaigners. A number of these negative forces based in Uganda are trying to sanitize their image by hiding behind philanthropy or humanitarian causes.

The infamous Tribert Rujugiro, the top financer of Rwandan terrorist network RNC – which is deeply linked with the Ugandan security apparatus – embarked on the image exercise with the help of David Himbara. The Canada-based Himbara is well-known as RNC’s chief propagandist, but also a particular bootlicker of Rujugiro’s. He’s been trying to launder Rujugiro’s image by setting up an access wire service.
Conspicuously, Himbara’s hostile Facebook account and blogs have all suddenly gone silent.

Access wire is a media service that publicizes press releases to major news outlets for a subscription of between US$ 350 to US$ 800. David Himbara, listed as the contact for Rujugiro and his Pan African Tobacco Company, runs bizarre stories of charity by the terrorist financier.

Observers are floored by the audacity of Rujugiro and Himbara in trying to have people believe that a tobacco company which is selling cancerous products with one hand, is helping humanity with the other hand.

There are several possible explanations as to why Himbara has, for the moment, stopped his anti-Rwanda hostile activities. A security analyst observed that his online behavior very probably had become a problem for his sponsors, especially Rujugiro. The majority of hostile accounts are either anonymous or not directly linkable to Rujugiro.

Himbara has not been effective, according to sources that have intimated that with his name now a liability more than an asset, he will likely start using anonymous accounts or try to hide his Anti-Rwanda activities better.

Financial constraint could also be the reason for Himbara’s silence and change of tactics. With COVID-19, Rujugiro might not be in the mood to throw money around for a venture whose returns do not look like much. For almost ten years, anti-Rwanda online propagandists like Himbara have talked and talked, but Rwanda marches ahead, laughed a reader.

The lack of results, while Rujugiro’s Tobacco company also is milked by the host government, under the disguise that everyone has to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, might prompt Rujugiro to cut costs, the thinking goes.

Others speculate that Himbara’s silence, both on Facebook and his blog on Medium, might be his way of protesting that he is not receiving his pay-cheque.

Anti-Rwanda forces based in Uganda have previously used humanitarian causes as a cover. Self-Worth Initiative (SWI) a pseudo NGO was registered in Uganda by agents of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Bonabaana, to act as a front for recruitment and fundraising on behalf of the terrorist outfit.

SWI was registered with the help of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, and was the subject of discussion in Luanda MoU meetings as one of the numerous, negative anti-Rwanda groups that must be disbanded. It hasn’t been disbanded.

Tribert Rujugiro’s financial support to armed militias, and his unhindered operations in Uganda have also been a major source of the bad relations between Rwanda and Uganda.

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