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Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa the son that chose to follow his parents’ and grandparents’ genocidal ideology

By Mike Rutagarama

Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa inherited genocidal ideology from his parents’ and grandparents.

The name Mbonyumutwa will live on in infamy in Rwandan history. It is a name associated with the birth of the ideology of violence and ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, when Dominique Mbonyumutwa, who would be the first (or “Interim”) president of Rwanda, orchestrated pogroms against the Tutsi community in 1959. Mbonyumutwa provoked a group of Tutsi youths with insults on the First of November that year. He was looking for a pretext to spark violence.

When one of the youths retaliated with a slap, that was the perfect excuse for genocide!

Historians agree the pogroms and killings that followed this incident, driving the first wave of Tutsis into exile was the work of Parmehutu militants for whom Mbonyumutwa became a hero. All things come to an end however, and in 1994 with the liberation of Rwanda from all ideologies of extremism, Mbonyumutwa’s progeny too fled.

There, they soon found a voice, to keep their ideology of genocide alive.

Today, a Europe-based NGO, Association of Young People from the Great Lakes Region, abbreviated Jambo ASBL is in existence, the work of Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa, son of Shingiro Mbonyumutwa – an enthusiastic participant in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi – and grandson to Dominique Mbonyumutwa.

But who truly is Ruhumuza, a co-founder of Jambo ASBL – an extremist “power” group disguising itself as a human rights association?

Ruhumuza who was born in Rwanda in 1986, grew up in exile in Belgium, where he was taken by his parents and relative when they fled justice for their role in the Genocide. Ruhumuza lives in the Brussels Metropolitan area from where he has dedicated his life to spreading anti-Rwanda propaganda. He is the de facto Jambo ASBL spokesperson, and an editor of Jambo News. Through this Kangura-style website, Jambo ASBL disseminates its ethnic and divisionism ideology as well as content propagating genocide denial.

Those who know Ruhumuza will tell you that, he is motivated by inherent hatred and anger and hides behind this anger and shame over the role of his parents and relatives in genocide and crimes against humanity. His father Shingiro is a Genocide fugitive that was a key player in the “MDR-power” genocidal party that played a major role in the attempts to exterminate the Tutsi on Rwandan territory in 94.

After Habyarimana died, Shingiro Mbonyumutwa served as director of cabinet (chief of staff) in the short-lived regime of Sindikubwabo and Kambanda. “Ruhumuza seeks to white-wash that dark history by repeated propagation of the debunked double genocide theory for instance,” Diaspora sources reveal.

However to sustain the lie that his family is “innocent” Ruhumuza claims, to Europeans less knowledgeable of Rwandan history, that he is a “Genocide” survivor – even as he rubs salt into the wounds of genocide survivors with his writings of genocide denialism, or negationism. “Try to imagine how survivors of the Genocide Against Tutsi feel when they hear Mbonyumutwa and his Jambo ASBL team call themselves survivors, while denying the Genocide their fathers caused!” social media accounts often comment.

After such cynical ploys, Ruhumuza and other Jambo ASBL members then use their websites and social media accounts to promote the agenda of terrorist groups like FDLR, RNC and others. For this, their strategy is to adopt the mantle of “opposition activists”. Genocidaires and groups affiliated to them have long been active in anti-Rwanda terrorist groups, and the Mbonyumutwas have been at the forefront.

One of Ruhumuza’s brothers, Patrice Mbonyumutwa was vice-chairman of the Belgian branch of Victoire Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi.

According to diaspora sources, these people have missed out on the chance to join the journey of reconciliation, and of awareness that Rwandans are moving ahead and leaving extremism on the dustbin of history.

“Ruhumuza is too blinded by his mission to try to sanitize his parents through negationism and other crimes of genocide denial. His tweets, interviews, and opinions seek to disseminate ethnic and divisionism ideology among Rwandans.

Those that follow the activities of such individuals are certain of one thing: “Ruhumuza’s will do whatever he, and all other Jambo ASBL members, want to do but history has left them behind forever,” another one of our sources commented.

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