Treason is a crime of betraying one’s country, treachery, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Theogene “Redcom” Rudasingwa is guilty of all these, and then some. Let me explain.

Whenever a story breaks out in the media concerning Rwanda, Rudasingwa has appointed himself the arbiter. It is a position he is ill-suited for, does not deserve, not to mention that he is a convicted felon and a fugitive from justice.

In 2011 Rudasingwa was convicted on 6 charges and given 24 years imprisonment, but escaped the country and has been on the run ever since, and now resides in the Washington, D.C. area. If anybody sees him, feel free to call the U.S. NATIONAL CENTRAL BUREAU – INTERPOL : 202-616-9000.

REWARD : Inyambo.

Among the charges are, deserting the army, forming a terrorist group, threatening State security, undermining public order, promoting ethnic divisions and insulting the person of the President.

Stupidity is not a crime, in any jurisdiction as far as I know.

In a recent article dated March 6, 2019 titled “Closure of Rwanda-Uganda Border A Deliberate Pretext To Execute An Existing Kigali Plan” Rudasingwa not only makes up childish stories but further compounds his treasonous conduct, void of reason or logic.

As far as I know, Rudasingwa is a teetotaler. So, why does he do this? He has been on the run and in self-imposed exile since 2004. I have never been in exile, but I am told it is a tough life, especially when you do not have a steady income and, in Redcom’s position, you have to constantly look over your shoulder. This pressure can compromise your state of mind.

Rudasingwa is also beholden to his financiers (Rujugiro, et al) as well as his handlers. He also struggles to remain “relevant”, constantly appealing to his base by demonizing Rwanda and all things Rwandan. In his small wicked and demented mind this makes him a “specialist” on Rwanda, a basis on which he sought and was granted asylum in the U.S.

In his many speeches to mostly ill-informed audiences about Rwanda and our history, and in many articles he publishes in anti-Rwanda forums Rudasingwa never fails to mention that he was at one time Rwanda’s Ambassador to the U.S., former Secretary General of the RPF, former Chief of Staff to President Kagame.

In other words, without these he would be nothing, because he is even not qualified to practice his trade. Not even in Haiti, I dare say.

For all the positions he has occupied, Rudasingwa had to take a pledge of allegiance, to protect and defend Rwanda and keep all her secrets intact. Standard protocols for all who occupy sensitive and important government positions.

What does Rudasingwa do in the article mentioned above? He breaks all the rules, trashes decency by discussing, allegedly, missions that President Kagame sent him on. Who does that?


In his small mind Rudasingwa thinks this buys him favors in his cabal of mainly genocidaires, genocide deniers and negationists.

A village in Rwanda is missing its idiot.

Rwanda has moved on since 1994, attempting to create a homogeneous society in which every Rwandan is entitled to his or her rights, regardless of his station in life or ethnicity. But Rudasingwa seeks to propagate the very philosophy that was the basis of the genocide against Tutsi in 1994, and prior, by alleging that Rwanda today is the domain, his words not mine, of an “all-Tutsi cast of military officers.”

He goes on to say, “From the much I know about General Kagame and Rwanda’s secrets …”

If this is not treason, then Jesus Christ did not die on the cross.

Rudasingwa was one of the founders of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a ragtag conglomeration of losers. He now refers to them as “a loose amalgam of extremist individuals or groups full of militaristic wishful thinking, lacking ideological depth and coherence, with no operational capability to remove him (KAGAME) from power …”

Surprise? Not at all. There is no honor among village idiots and traitors. Yes, I said it.

Addressing the National Leaders Retreat today, President Kagame said, “There is something that is impossible – that cannot happen to me and I wish it shouldn’t happen to our country. Nobody, anywhere, can bring me to my knees. Absolutely not.”

Need I say more?

Source: http://rwandanvoice.com/

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