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Rudasingwa’s transparent game in Chimpreports

By Jackson Mutabazi

Reading something in the Ugandan-based website, Chimpreports, written by Theogene Rudasingwa – a self-exiled Rwandan more known in Kigali for his dubious character than for anything else – I was struck by a couple of questions.

Rudasingwa, right, tries to gain relevance by peddling propaganda of the kind aligned with Museveni-sponsored groups

The first one that the piece of writing, titled, “Uganda should not fall for Rwanda’s provocations”, raises is: why is the article in Chimpreports?

This website is better known as one of the numerous misinformation outlets for the Museveni regime, regularly regurgitating anti-Rwanda falsehoods fed it by CMI, ISO, ESO and other Kampala intelligence agencies. In other words very few things published about Rwanda in Chimpreports are factual or objective. It is not surprising that Rudasingwa is welcome to publish his tall tales there.

Secondly, normally newspapers or news websites publish opinions by personalities with expertise relevant to what they are writing about; or by personalities that can talk authoritatively about the subject they have chosen to write about, and other such criteria. This leads to the next interlinked question: what expertise can Rudasingwa claim about current strained relations between Kampala and Kigali?

Rudasingwa – better known by an amusing alias, “Redcom”, acquired back in the early 80s when as a student at Kampala’s Makerere University he hatched a scam to fleece fellow Banyarwanda students, something to do with phone calls from an individual with a menacing voice (REDCOM!) saying “intelligence is on you!”, upon which Rudasingwa would step in to tell the frightened guy to pay a sum of money, supposedly to pay off the scary Redcom! – has not been in Rwanda for 15 years. Neither has he been in Uganda all that time.

Rudasingwa has been thousands of kilometers away, overseas in the United States. He cannot pretend at any expertise on Rwanda or Uganda issues. He went to the US to claim asylum when in reality he left Rwanda after getting the sack as President Kagame’s chief of staff. Those that work in the office of the President know the kind of performance levels required to work there, in addition to high expectations of one being a person of integrity. In the new Rwanda, however, everyone could be given a chance – even Rudasingwa, whose “Redcom” background the President’s vetting team was ready to overlook in the interests of giving everyone a chance since the past had been so hard for most exiled Banyarwanda.

But after some time working in the administration it became increasingly obvious Rudasingwa’s “Redcom” side all along had been who he was, not because hardships made him that. When as the President’s chief of staff he tried to pull some scam, he was promptly shown the door. That is the source of all the animosity that this man – who was given a chance that most other Rwandans can only dream of but badly squandered it – harbors against his country.

In his piece in Chimpreports, Rudasingwa tries to support the preposterous claim that “Rwanda is provoking Uganda”, by rehashing all the deranged character attacks against President Kagame, whose aim is tarnishing or demonizing him. The overall goal is to promote the faux narrative that everything bad – whether it is versus the RNC whose terrorist grenade attacks have killed and maimed many in Rwanda; whether it is Kampala regime operatives versus Rwanda whereby they have been abducting, extra-legally arresting, torturing and even killing Rwandans while claiming “spying” or “illegal entry” against innocent Rwandans; whether it is the madness in Burundi – everything has to be the fault of Kagame!

Rudasingwa repeats most of the slanders against the Rwandan leadership that have seen emanating from RNC, FDLR and every anti-Rwanda element that seeks to portray the country as some hellhole – though the reality is that under the current leadership Rwanda has recorded some of the most impressive socio-economic gains, a country that politically also is one of the best governed on the continent.

One can’t dignify Redcom’s propagandistic diatribes by addressing them in detail. Most interesting is the promotion of Redcom’s lies by the Kampala propaganda machine. It can only be further proof that Museveni and his people will go to desperate lengths to project crimes that they themselves are committing, onto the people they are committing those crimes against.

A final fact: Chimpreports has published Rudasingwa’s article in tandem with The Rwandan, which published it with a different headline: Rwanda closes border with Uganda as tension escalates. But the article was one and the same. The Rwandan is run by a bunch of violent Rwandan exiles with ties to RNC, FDLR and all kinds of genocide revisionist groups, all unified by their hate of the Rwandan administration.

In other words these are the kinds of people Museveni is in bed with.

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