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Rudasingwa responds to Museveni’s letter to Nkurunziza (but in what capacity)?

By Alex Muhumuza

The first thing one will ask himself upon reading the recent “letter to President Yoweri Museveni” that Theogene Rudasingwa has published online is this: in what capacity is this man writing?

Is Theogene Rudasingwa writing as a representative of FDLR, the remnants of the forces that committed the Genocide against the Tutsi (which genocide of course would not have spared Rudasingwa were he unfortunate to be a civilian in Rwanda from 90 to 94)?

Is he writing as a representative of the genocidal Pierre Nkurunziza who has massacred thousands of people in the short time he illegally and violently grabbed another presidential term; the same Nkurunziza that’s one of the main allies of FDLR today?

Or is Rudasingwa, the infamous RedCom – as he is known by a scam he perpetrated on Ugandans while a student at Makerere in the early eighties, only to flee when Obote’s intelligence began closing in on him – writing only on his behalf?

Maybe he is writing on behalf of all the three: FDLR, Nkurunziza and himself?

Whatever the case, Rudasingwa’s letter serves only the genocidal purposes of Nkurunziza, and his bedfellows of FDLR and Interahamwe. Rudasingwa is such an opportunist, according to those who know him, that he would serve the Devil if it offered him thirty pieces of silver.

He is writing in support of Nkurunziza, who is strenuously trying to turn Burundi’s problems (which he himself has caused) into an ethnic problem.

Yet any Burundian that has fled will tell you, Nkurunziza is a genocidal character, but his only problem is that even the majority of the Bahutu of Burundi have refused to buy into his genocide agenda!

“Nkurunziza is bankrupt of ideas, is a genocidaire, and is only banking on plunging the entire region into an ethnic war, if possible!” said a Burundian gentleman. He added, “The only reason this can’t be possible is because very few will be drawn into Nkurunziza’s poor, backward ideologies!”

Yet “RedCom” Rudasingwa has jumped in to defend this president – someone that the whole world is coming to see as another Bagosora or Kambanda. Every person with some interest in Burundian issues knows the head of state is a man who has Interahamwe in Bujumbura training his Imbonerakure – to kill, loot and rape! Nkurunziza is a man that has killed thousands, totally ruined Burundi, and caused more than half a million Burundians to flee their country.

But Rudasingwa is defending him because the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni – as the chairperson of the Inter-Burundi dialogue – wrote a letter to the Burundian ruler to remind him that he has to play by the rules set by the EAC, and by the recommendations written by Benjamin Mkapa (the facilitator of the Inter-Burundi dialogue) if peace is to be achieved.

Apparently Mkapa has written a damning report that has driven Nkurunziza into a panicked rage. The former Tanzanian head of state, and now facilitator of the Inter Burundi dialogue has put together a factual report about the real nature of the violence in Burundi.

“The political situation in Burundi remains a matter of concern,” Mkapa wrote in measured tones.

This, according to neutral observers, is a very careful wording by the former Tanzanian leader. In actual sense it means Nkurunziza has utterly failed to bring peace and security back to his country, and that killings, torture and insecurity are the order of the day there.

As if to further underscore this fact, Mkapa also suggests that foreign forces take over security in Bujumbura in the run-up to 2020 – when fresh elections are supposed to take place. Analysts read this to mean that Mkapa is concerned that Nkurunziza may well change his mind and illegally grab another term in office, which would lead to even worse bloodshed than 2015!

Mkapa then submitted the report to Museveni as the chair, and Museveni in turn submitted it to EAC.

But Nkurunziza reacted by lashing out at Rwanda, claiming that all Burundi’s problems are caused by Rwanda, while attacking Mkapa, for not attacking Rwanda!

Museveni in writing to Nkurunziza was responding to a letter his Burundian counterpart wrote him containing the accusations against Rwanda, plus complaints about what Mkapa had written.

What facts did Nkurunziza base on to accuse Rwanda?

Regional experts that read his letter can find none. It is merely things that Nkurunziza is saying but backs with no shred of evidence. He goes as far as accusing Rwanda of causing unrest of 2015.

That is the year he decided (illegally, in contravention of the Arusha Peace Accord, and in consultation with no one) to grab another term in office. Every person in the world knows how Burundians reacted to their president’s unacceptable move: they protested in masses. And Nkurunziza’s police, as well as his Imbonerakure militias retaliated by massacring thousands, and wrecking the country.

Now Nkurunziza is trying to pretend Rwanda was the cause of that, yet the world’s cameras, the world’s media saw what happened.

The rantings in Nkurunziza’s letter to Museveni is what Rudasingwa has tried to defend, and Museveni’s rebuke of Nkurunziza is why Rudasingwa has attacked Museveni.

It has baffled observers, who up to now don’t even know what to think of the fact Museveni has actually rebuked Nkurunziza. Everyone knows Museveni has been the main patron of Nkurunziza. He has been forming unholy alliances with him, in an effort to destabilize other countries.

People are asking, is there a falling out between the two? Is one tired of the other? No one knows for sure. Museveni may seem to be doing the right thing for the moment which in itself has observers in shock, but people all over the region are have learnt to trust Museveni very little. They only are waiting to see where his exchanges with Nkurunziza lead, specifically after the summit of 27th this month.

Rudasingwa however has jumped in, with his faux-intellectual airs, to join forces with Nkurunziza. He is outdoing the Burundian in baseless, totally spurious attacks on Rwanda.

One wonders whether “RedCom” is panicked that the regime leader in Bujumbura is in trouble and about to lose total credibility.

But if so, those that know him wonder, why would Rudasingwa be so concerned, unless he is in bed with the devil?

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