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RUD-Urunana in limbo as dozens of its fighters surrender in a month

By Fred Gashema

“Cpt.” Chris Rukundo the commandant of the Mikotokoto-based “Sarajevo” unit, and “Capt.” Théodore the commandant of “Tunis” unit, are among other top fighters of RUD-Urunana that gave in and fled to Uganda. Courtesy Photos.

The feuds within the remnants of the “Rassemblement pour l’Unité et Démocratie” (RUD-Urunana) have reached a boiling point as scores of its fighters opt to give in and raise their arms in surrender. For most, they are failing to cope with incessant infighting; the mistrust that engulfed the anti-Rwanda terror outfit following continued routs at the hands of the Congolese FARDC. One result was that RUD-Urunana’s top commanders were killed, and some others repatriated back to Rwanda to face justice.

Reports say that only in the last 30 days a total of 71 RUD-Urunana terrorists who include 11 “senior officers” of various militia ranks and 60 junior officers opted to surrender. They handed themselves to the soldiers of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO). “This has dealt a serious blow to terrorist activities in the region,” commented an observer.

Besides those that surrendered to MONUSCO, it has emerged that an unconfirmed number of RUD-Urunana fighters fled to Uganda, a country that abets the terror outfit in its activities.

Philemon Mateke, a Ugandan minister, was said to be heartbroken. Mateke is like a godfather to RUD-Urunana – acting in that role reportedly on instructions of President Museveni.

Fighters that parted ways with RUD-Urunana comprise mostly of a batch of the remnants of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s P5 coalition. These had joined RUD-Urunana just after Nyamwasa’s forces were badly routed from its Masisi bases by FARDC. The Congolese army killed more than 200 of the RNC’s fighters and also captured 25 others that include Rtd. Maj. Habib Mudathir in mid-June 2019. That group was repatriated to Rwanda where they were tried in court.

Sources within RUD-Urunana circles reveal that the P5 militia have been grappling with integration with them since RUD comprises mostly of remnants of perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi. They have never trusted Nyamwasa’s people since “they were majorly Tutsis.” The mistrust has not abated despite Uganda’s efforts to merge them against Rwanda’s security.

“It is a good thing that those anti-Rwanda terror groups are now on each other’s neck!” laughed our source, adding, “those terrorists sooner rather than later will be a thing of the past.”

According to a local news website rwandatribune.com, the RUD-Urunana fighters that gave in and fled to Uganda include “Maj.” Ntare, “Capt.” Théodore the commandant of “Tunis” unit, and “Cpt.” Chris Rukundo the commandant of the Mikotokoto-based “Sarajevo” unit among others. It is reported that those rebel leaders crossed together with their armed escorts. “That’s how welcome they are in Uganda,” commented our source.

It is worth recalling that RUD-Urunana is the armed wing of FDU-Inkingi, an unrecognized “political party” formed by Victoire Ingabire who served prison. Sources reveal that RUD-Urunana was created in partnership with Ugandan intelligence, with the specific mission of destabilizing Rwanda under the coordination of Philemon Mateke. 

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